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Sunday ~ February 11

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  • Sunday ~ February 11

    Good Morning.

    Late here. Just walking out the door to church. 25 degrees. Got my super heavy coat on. Church is not too warm.

    Hope everyone has a very good Sunday.

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    Good morning everyone...I had a lot of fun last night and yesterday..I got to play dress up and volunteer at a very fancy fundraiser for an organization that I love...there is a picture on my facebook....It was a little slick getting home last night and looks really slick this morning..but I am headed out to Bible Study...Brownies in the oven to go with me..I am so excited to be going to Bible Study..this is the first this year that I have gotten to be a part of Bible study...between being sick and having company or lot family not I am very much looking forward to it...then the olympics and snuggling with Cori this afternoon.


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      Good morning.
      Iím finally up, dressed. Hotel rooms are always cold. Itís hard to regulate the temperatures in these rooms.
      I am thankful for the instant oatmeal cups in the hotelís little ďmarketĒ. It helps warm me up.
      One more daughterís house to visit today. She may or may not be there, but her hubby has instructions to stay home and watch for us. So we may not stay too long.
      Even here, our allergies are bad. My sinuses are really open, and Iím using tons of tissues. My eyes leak as well as my nose. I just want to get back home.

      I didnít realize there was a ChocolateFestival in Phoenix yesterday. Iíd really want to go! Our DD &GD said it was their ďtraditionĒ every year to sample all the chocolates and chocolate foods. Next year I hope to attend, too.
      They have an annual PolishFestival annually, too......I need to find out when that happens. It is part of my heritage.

      Temperatures definitely drop this week. Today Iím wearing a sweater because it will be only in the 70ís, likely windy, and by Thursday itíll be in the 60ís. The seasons are getting confusing.

      Nothing much else is interesting enough to write about. Oh, E has been telling the girls that I havenít baked since my last round of health issues (at least two years), so perhaps itís time to bake something. Well, I did make a pan of cornbread not long ago, with honey butter. He swooned over that.

      It was so good to see all the posts yesterday.
      Love you all!
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        A chocolate festival? It would be like visiting heaven!!

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      Morning! Finally have something on the ground after a week of threats that never materialized. Sierra left for work and texted that the roads were not to bad..not great but not bad...whatever that means. Anyway she was out before dawn. I see Jon is home so do not know what happened to him. he has been coughing so maybe it caught up to him. Maybe he will cook something today...i am dying for cooked food and not carry out.

      I have not baked anything since Christmas and then only supervised the kids. I used to bake all the time but have lost all interest...however, I have not lost interest in eating and would like some baked goods around here. Jon is not suppose to eat that stuff and we do not have a decent bakery around here so you cannot even buy baked goods and sneak them in.

      Blues play this morning at 11 so thinking I will crawl back into bed and watch the game. Sounds like a perfect way to pass an icky, cold day...and then Hallmark Valentine movies after. Just cannot work up any enthusiasm for the Olympics. Looks like I have time to shower before the game starts so will get moving.

      Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and a safe trip JoG.


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        JoG, I would love to go to a Polish festival! In my Ancestry DNA it said I have some Polish in me and I have always loved reading about it and the few foods I have had and the ones I have seen on food shows...anyway, I hope you get to go and report back to all of us.

        Today is church up in Anderson, 20 miles away. It is a conference with 6 other congregations and will be speakers and a great youth choir. And I don't have to do anything but sit and enjoy. Last evening we got there a few minutes (like 2) before the start of the meeting and had to sit on the metal chairs that were set up in the back. Both Becky and I were not liking the seats so when she asked what time do we hav eto leave this morning I asked her where did she want to sit. We are leaving at 9:00 to be able to sit on an upholstered pew. I feel bad for anyone behind me last night as I squirmed with trying to be comfortable. On the way out a younger couple was saying the same thing! so I am taking that as it isn't all about my age and more about sitting on a cold metal cahir...

        There are clouds in the north and I am totally ok with rain. I need a new hose and haven't bought one, yet and don't really want to get my old one and hook it back up. It is too long and just hard to deal with.

        My neighbors have some pretty flowers planted out front around their tree and I can't remember the name but I want some! My mind is saying primroses and they are really bright colored...but not sure if I am getting the names mixed up. My brick flower planter out front has a big pot of pansies in it and next to it is a pot I sunk into the ground with begonia, and I want some more color. With the decorative shutters up the house really looks good now and I can concentrate on the planters and big pots in front.

        Hope you all have a great day! beth, I will check out your facebook photos.


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          Good afternoon everyone...

          It is another rainy day..on and off ..I hope spring will get here...
          Who is ready for spring....!!..

          And everyone have nice day....


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            Good afternoon

            been a long quiet lazy day.... like all of them lately.....

            got up to Fog... really Fog.... it warmed up and the snow is melting . now it is doing a fine misty rain and still Fog... a very quiet world . don't even hear any traffic noise.... a perfect day to stay home.. build jizsaw puzzle.. read. etc

            Davd still is not feeling well. weary, coughing... I think the congestion has broken up quite a bit. so no church.. don't need any New germs ... neighbor brought some delicious home made beef stew. our dinner today.. wonderful meal , with a salad and fruit ..

            Sassygirl!!!!!!! how good to see you here...

            Whispering .......I just might be IN to stay.. 3 days in a row i have not had to log in ... it just let me in... but don't say it out loud or I will disappear again.

            see you later