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Saturday Feb 10, 2018

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  • Saturday Feb 10, 2018

    Good Morning!

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    Let's get this day started! Yesterday I was digging myself (or rather my desk) out from under all the paper. Some was dealt with (pitched), so paid off (bills), and the rest put in neat little piles. Even sorted thru the receipts/bill box and started getting ready to get my taxes done. Still waiting on a couple reports to come in. Found out my husband sure does spend a lot on tools to make his crap job (thankful for it though) more efficient. Can write them off though. Spent the evening doing eyeglasses. One done now, and one to go. Feels good to get that accomplished. Will give Sandy the completed box tomorrow morning at church.

    ​I really don't have anything on my agenda until 3pm today. I think once I get all these little tax piles sorted & boxed up, I will mix up some cookie dough. We'll see. This afternoon I'll be helping serve at the First Responders dinner our church is hosting. Kind of nice to be on that side of the hall.....serving instead of cooking. I like talking to people. I learned when I worked in Registration at the hospital, that firemen & EMT's are a special breed. They are nuts, but we've got to have all kinds to make this world work.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning, Cookie, and everyone else who arrives at the Table.

      ​Cookie, the check was put in the mail
      to cover Sharon and myself.

      ​Well I drove 150 miles round trip for nothing yesterday. The guy never showed and he wouldn't take my call the second time. He told me when he answered the first time that he "was working his way there". Dumb me, I never asked him what that meant. Now he was the one who picked the day and time. At 4p., I got tired of waiting and left to come home. Most people only get to shi* on me once, but he did it twice. Lucky him.

      I remembered my neighbor out there had a extention ladder in the back of his cabin, so I got it so I could get to the top of the camper. I put what Bruce had put on to cover the vent back on, because we are to have freezing rain and snow tonight and in the morning.

      ​My legs and back are feeling that ladder climb yesterday. I do usually feel it for a couple days after going up a ladder.

      Everyone have a good day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Good morning.
        Guess I slept in a bit.

        We are halfway done here in Phx. We see one daughter today, about lunchtime I guess. Then one dropoff tomorrow, may or may not see that daughter, depending on her work I guess. She didn’t really explain, but her hubby and a dau will be there to get the stuff we leave with them. Then we will head back home.

        We both agree that our friend’s Senior Living place isn’t for us. Far too costly. When they say the $ covers food, it turns out she gets $11 a day for meals......a BLT costs $4.50! She eats 2 meals a day.
        I see where the housing people there make a really huge profit. There are still others to look at. There must be a more affordable one that suits us.

        Well, when we get back home, we can start getting rid of more stuff.

        I don’t know what has stirred up in our weather, but E & I both have sinus pressure, runny noses, and my eyes are rimmed in red. Allergies, we figure. And today begins a drop in temps back down to the 70’s.
        I cannot complaine. My brother lives in MI has 15 of snow on the ground, 2 more expected today, and another 3 tomorrow!

        Have a good day, everyone.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I am late this morning...can you call it sleeping in when you first got to sleep in the wee morning hours? It is the ugliest of mornings around here. They keep predicting winter weather and we keep missing it but this morning it does look like something is definitely in the sky. Did I read 38 days until Spring? February seems to be having a hard time passing...time is creeping!

          Nothing going on around here for me...just waiting for people to feed me. Cookie I have all the ingredients for the pistachio cookies and never mixed the batter. I gotta tell you that a bag of unshelled pistachios is tempting and if were not for the cost of said nuts I would take the bag to bed! Pistachios are hard to get out of those shells with arthritic hands!!

          I saw the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics was on last night. This is the first year I have not had any interest even though I am partial to the winter events. I finished my 'purse book' yesterday and would like someone to bring in the 'car book' so I can finish it. Have new ones to take their places. I even read through the hockey game last night so that is a sure sign the book finished up pretty good...even though you read enough mysteries you can figure out a plot a few pages in. Game was pretty good too!

          Andrew is selling pizzas on line for summer league so Sierra made my order yesterday. I needed her to do it to make sure he got the credit and I didn;t do something wrong. Hopefully this will give him a free uniform and cover all baseball fees. His mom and dad share all these expenses but they add up. kids are pretty darn expensive!

          Stay warm and healthy everyone. JoG enjoy seeing your kids. I am positive the right senior place is out there for you. I would think you probably shouldn't be climbing a ladder anyway Jostoy so take it slow and let the back of your legs heal..that is where it hurts right? Cookie you just keep going...enjoy the day everyone!!


          • Paula A
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            This is the first Olympics that I haven't had any interest...not sure why, either.
            The bag of unshelled pistachios is 6.98 here and I get ya! But I have bought a few...and not for cookies.

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          I stayed up later than usual and got up later than usual...makes for a shorter morning, but I don't have a lot scheduled for today. And what I have is spread out way too far between times: bank at 9:00; someone coming at 10:30 to pick up the 4 dozen cookies Becky made for a dinner; dog gets her nails trimmed at 12:30 and a pedicure for me at 2:30! Later tonight I have a church meeting at 7:00 about 20 miles north...

          Donna, I am now waiting on the accountant to call and say my taxes are done and then to go sign and pay...but what a relief to finally get all that done!
          Then, just when I thought I was over the stress of taxes my lawn guy calls and wants My tax id and info! He is new to his job, but I told him no one has ever asked for that and I have had really professional lawn service and pool service, so I suggested it was all about His employees, but not his customers. Nicely said, but I told him my accountant has never asked about which lawn service, either...I guess if I get audited I would have to show that then...but that whole conversation left me a bit stressed, but then I just thought, he can call the IRS, or get an accountant...but I am not taking on that problem.
          (See how that worked for me?

          The food for the dinner at the shelter turned out great! I think we had about one pan too many, but they can eat it for breakfast or keep to make sure tonight's meal has enough food.

          Our temperatures are going back down this coming week. The warm weather was nice while it lasted, and our cooler weather is nothing compared to the temperatures some of you are getting, so I will not complain. And we need rain. None in the forecast and I am going to set up my sprinklers today. The ground is getting hard and dry and the grass needs some moisture.

          Enjoy your day! Stay well and be positive!


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            Good morning everyone..

            Rise and shine...

            It cloudy to day..With rain...I was thinking those one song..Eddie rabbit..I love the rainy night..
            i am still working on the wind shield cover..And pillows..With my little helper..


            • Paula A
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              Hey! So good to see you and the cute kitties!

            • sassygirl01
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              Hi,!!!..I am glad to see you too....Aww..Thank-you..

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            Good Morning, Friends.

            Not much happening here, which is a good thing.

            Weather is tolerable but cooling down to freezing tonight.

            We are keeping the house warm with the fireplace. Cooked a bunch yesterday so just having leftovers today.

            John is feeling pretty good, so we have been washing some light fixtures and things I can't reach.

            Have a good Saturday, Everyone.