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Feb. 7th.

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  • Feb. 7th.

    Good morning.

    ​Need to go to my Dr's office in Vincennces Today, but the weather people are saying that they have ice down there. So will wait until this afternoon to see if they get the roads cleared.

    Nothing else on my agenda so will just bid you all a good day.
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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

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    Good Morning! School has been canceled, but the roads look fine.

    Yesterday was not a very productive day. Aunt J came & scooped grease. We entertained the Sears repairman and he entertained us. He replaced the part that was ordered, and the problem still wasn't fixed, so another part has been ordered & will be replaced next Thurs. Fortunately they've been coming in the morning.

    ​I did bake off the rest of the cookie dough and baked 3 doz cupcakes for the doctor's office. I did 4 different kinds....vanilla w/almond icing & coconut on top....vanilla w/salted caramel flavoring & caramel in the icing then I drizzled caramel on top & sprinkled some sea salt on it....choc filled with some raspberry filling with a choc raspberry icing...choc w/choc & oreo icing then drizzled hot fudge topping over it. They all looked yummy!

    I eventually worked on some eyeglasses. I came home with two boxes of them Monday. visit from CYS. Think she was blowing smoke to scare Kathy.

    Well we are going to get ready and take these cupcakes to the doctor's office then go to Aldi's and maybe Arby's if it doesn't start snowing again.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning! It is garbage day and the trucks are a little late so I was able to get a few more things in to the bin.

      Jostoy, I had to stop and think for a minute: CYA, after Donna had been talking about CYS..then I went to Catholic Youth and finally got it! lol!

      Yesterday was a great day! The kids all were happy and none of the parents did anything crazy, either! Perspective! I have to remind myself the parents are all pretty young themselves...but I have to tell you: every time I think of my new 2 1/2 year old bringing an iPad mini to daycare I do roll my eyes a bit!

      Try to stay positive and don't let the weather or anyone else get you down! I am ...speaking to myself about anyone else...
      Have a good Wednesday and do something fun to make the week better!


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        Good morning...
        Busy day today. First, laundry to do. Then pack the car, and pack the suitcases.
        We have plans to see the kids. E also wants to go to Apache Junction to the whatchacallit Medevial Festival.....we haven’t been there for years. I think it’s too much, but we will see. Renaissance Is the word I was looking for.

        I notice that somewhere along the line with computer upgrades, I no longer get automatic apostrophes, it drops or changes letters, and I have to watch for extra capital letters. I’m wondering if some of the programmers haven’t passed elementary school yet. (I have seen far too many store clerks who cannot make monetary change without the help of a computer.). 🤪

        I need to get dressed and get things rolling here. Haven’t even had my cuppa ☕️ Yet. Am craving a donut, or cookie, or nearly any goodie I don’t keep on hand. Gheesh... so I need to get busy and not think about it.

        Have a great day, everyone.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Is everyone frozen? Another day where the temps will not get above freezing here. Winter sucks! Another day of cold but no ice...that storm missed us entirely last night. So it is just another day around here. Another pile of laundry and another meal to cook. Going to change my bed and do some dusting. Rugs need washed. Everything is frozen and yet these boys track in.

          Andrew is selling for his baseball team. I thought it was kinda early in the season but his mom says she got the form and saw where people are ordering. Cannot wait to see what I am going to be a form came home yesterday about a computer. Next year Andrew will be getting a personal computer that will be 'rented' but at the end of 4 years it will be his. I understand the need for computers and think every child having their own personal computer is wonderful but if the school is shifting in that direction I think they should provide each student with the proper tools. Andrew's parents are already renting to own his drums. There was no option...schools no longer provide instruments for these kids and computer labs are not always available. I feel so sorry for struggling families with a couple of kids. So the military is going to give the president a parade because he wants one when those millions could be used to help kids. Snarky I know but that damn parade request is fresh in my mind.

          Just got a text from a number I do not know inviting me to lunch next week. It was a group message and only one number came up with a name. So do I go or not? Will I know anyone other than the one and is she even going? Guess I will see my mood on the lunch day. But for today I am going to start my day and see what I accomplish. Last day to cook for me and do not know what restrictions I will have after tomorrow. Saw a Kohl's ad and would like to look over some tops I saw. I do really need warmer weather tops...every season I say I am going to dress better and every season I don't but you do need something nice to fall back on. Plus I have a gift card and coupon. So I have a few options if i wanted to do anything today.

          Take care, stay healthy and stay warm...


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            What was I thinking? It looked like the traffic was going regular speed, so Blaise & I took the cupcakes into the doctor's office then went to Aldi's & Arby's. Not many people on the people. We were doing fine...slow but sure...coming home until we went around a bend & down a hill....there was a 4WD truck flipped on it's side. I slid within feet of hitting it. The cars behind me slid too & two of them went into the ditch on the other side of the road. I'm still shaking. I'm home & staying here. I called Cork and told him to just skip class tonight & come home right after work. It's like because schools were canceled, the road crews aren't making much of an effort. Thank God he protected us. I prayed before driving and gave thanks afterwards.


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              Iím glad you & Blaise made it through that without mishap, Cookie.

              Iím glad we donít have to deal with that. I slid on ice in the car, and hate the feeling of loss of control and skidded down an exit. Luckily my 2 kids in the back seat stayed on the was before seatbelts. I wasnít ticketed, but the car had to get repaired so the cop took us home. The cause was a Civil Defence or City truck wouldnít let me change lanes to exit; heíd speed up and slow down to block me, thinking he was being funny until I hit that patch of ice, and he then took off very fast.
              I described the truck to the cop, and he recognized the symbol I described. Iím sure they were afraid Iíd sue whoever big time, and they sure didnít need that problem or publicity. So, no ticket, no warning stub, like it never happened.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Cookie, glad you and Blaise came through that without any harm, except to your nerves.
                Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.