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Morning 2/6

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  • Morning 2/6

    I haven't been around much..sorry..just haven't had a lot to post...My daddy got a new shoulder yesterday and did very well...seems to be having not a lot of pain...already exercising it gently...its emobalized the rest of the time..

    I have a busy rest of the week....something everyday...

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    It is another cold morning out there! Had a bit of sleet and freezing rain pass by last evening and now need to see how the roads are this morning. Highways are always taken care of but rural roads are another have school so assuming I will make it ok. I am off to see the dermatologist this morning. Did anyone think I could a week with seeing at least 2 doctors? Hopefully he will be finished for another 6 months.

    More nasty weather predicted for this evening then I think it is suppose to warm up for a few days. Oh winter winter go away!!!!

    Nothing going on around here...planning on leaving early this morning so need to get into the shower. Watch the weather out there and stay warm and germ free. Glad your dad is doing so well Beth!


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      Good Morning! More snow today & tomorrow. Get it all out of it's system and then spring can come early!

      ​Yesterday was good. Not productive at all though around my house. Went and sorted glasses and had lots of laughs with those ladies. Then went to lunch with my SIL & cousin Karen. Lots of laughs there too. Unfortunately my SIL had a mini episode when we were finishing up lunch. Glad we were with her.

      ​I did do some cleaning/picking up during the evening after a phn call from Kathy. Supposedly Matt's ex-gf...the mother of his son...reported us to CYS. I don't know if she really did or not. I'm not worried...just PO'd. We did do some picking up though just incase. LOL! Blaise was mad at me for taking his DS from him (found it in my hiding spot) but once we started talking about CYS and foster care, his tune changed a lot & was very protective of us.

      ​Today I'll be waiting for Sears to come & install the parts they ordered for my stove last week. Of course they'd only tell me they'd be there btw 8-5. Fortunately last week they arrived around 9am. Do you think I can be that fortunate again?

      ​In the meantime, Aunt J might be coming to scoop grease, and I'll be making cupcakes, baking off the rest of the cookie dough, and making cream pies for the restaurant. Will need to figure out something for dinner.

      ​Yesterday my order from Amazon for 24 jars of Mrs Richardson's Caramel sauce arrived. One jar was completely broken, so I checked the 2 case to make sure none were broken in it. Well it wasn't caramel but rather hot fudge. I love that stuff too, but it's not what I need for my Samoa pies. Called Amazon, and they are going to see what the seller is going to do to rectify this problem. If they let me keep the HF, I'll need to come up with some sort of new pie to use it up. Personally I could eat that stuff right out of the jar with a spoon, it's that good.

      ​Have a good one all and please respond to my other thread concerning needed funds.


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        Good morning.
        Beth, did your Dad have a fall or something? E is going through that, and is supposed to exercise it 4x a day, and has several different exercises to do for it. Hope your Dad heals quickly.

        Maxie, be very careful driving in that weather. Looks like our weather will drop down to the low 70’s next week, with a possibility of rain. We will see when that time comes. The stupid forecasts look different each day.

        Not much going on here, either. The LR is full of boxes that need to get to the kids. We are going to go visit them soon and drop it off, then come home and do some more. While seeing them, we also want to visit our friend who moved into Senior Living, and see what it’s like. We just watched the last show of “Grace & Frankie”, and if it’s full of a lot of restrictions as their show indicated, I’m not sure we can take that. I still want to do much of my own cooking. Supposedly their chef keeps track of everyone’s diet requirements....geez, even special requests in restaurants don’t get accurate results, so I don’t trust them. I’d rather have Lean Cuisine, than come back from a meal finding my ankles swelling and itchy. And what hobbies can we bring, and which are restricted? I’d like to find a place that is generous with personal space.
        I need to make notes of my questions.

        Well, guess I’ll pour my cereal and make my mocha. I hate our Keurig machine. I cut open my mocha pod and pour it into my mug, and proceed as if I’m making tea.....the mocha is a powder mix, so it all dissolves nicely. But why does it muck up the K machine if I use the pods?

        Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day, whatever you’re doing. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Daddy messed his shoulder up in his younger years and age caught up with him. He is doing great! 21 staples

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        Good morning! I am almost ready for the day.

        Two of my kids were late pick ups yesterday because of a lockdown at one of the elementary schools. One parent is the school secretary and the other was one of the officers involved. Two high school age juveniles had overpowered a guard at juvenile hall and escaped! They were seen running towards the creek that is bordered by school property. Kids had to be under their desks for an hour! These were the after school kids; most had gone home. Anyway, after a mom posted this on Facebook someone commented asking if this was a drill or a real threat and how it is awful for schools to put that kind of fear into kids...
        Oh, my gosh! No school would have an hour long drill! Why are there always (so many) people who are so negative about our schools???
        And just a few months ago we had that shooting incident at one of the county elementary schools.
        You can tell I have zero to little tolerance for complaints from people who know very little of what they are talking about.

        Ok, something lighter: the daycare dad who was one of the deputies involved yesterday (and at the other school situation, too!) was here early last week with his daughter and I asked him (since no other parent was here, yet) about a couple of the people running for sheriff. I have never talked about anything he has told me about his work, so we have a good enough relationship. Anyway, he told me a few things and then said, About the third guy who just threw his hat into the ring: when Jerry was at the Academy there was a video of what not to do and this guy was the one doing the wrong procedure. For real! Not acting! I know him from way back and not close to them, but Gary was never impressed with him (from when Gary was on the City Council). It just shows me that I need to have more information that what people are saying on FAcebook about why they are running or why thye are voting for someone. Even having an insider's opinion is only that: one guy's opinion. And Sheriff is an office that really counts around here.

        Ok, can you tell somethings get me really going?

        JoG, something I know you will do, but just want to say it is visit more than once and see if you can talk to people. Not just the people the manager steers you to. Ask to see a calendar of their scheduled events and have a lot of questions. I was impressed that for our friend's funeral last Friday, the center they lived at (you have to be ambulatory or walker) provided transportation to all who wanted to attend the service. At their center there are two room apartments with a mini kitchen, bedroom and living room area. There is a nice big birdcage with a well taken care of sweet little bird in a sitting area, other sittingareas with tables and living room type furniture and outside walking areas. It doesn't have grounds, per se, and that would be better, but it was built in a neighborhood and there wasn't enough room...

        I hope you all have a great day and the sun comes out! Open up your heart and let the sun shine in! hat song has been going through my head for days!


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          Thanks, Paula. Good points. We have visited one place only, so far. Some of the residents came out and pretended they weren’t looking, or “sizing us up” (the men’s covert glances were not missed by us), but didn’t say Hi or anything, even if we did. They do post and give out monthly calanders of events. They did post a daily menu (their chef’s “whim du jour”). I was not too impressed. Residents are expected to eat in the dining room periodically, but no details on that. We decided to make a list of questions for future visits. Probably not that first one, though.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I am back...Got right in and out and the roads were in wonderful shape. Did see some state trucks out preparing for tonight's weather but I do not have to go out again until Thursday. Good news today is I am now 5 years from my melanoma surgery and there were no precancers found today so I am finally on a yearly schedule. He gave me a number to call if I found anything and said they would get me in. When you call this clinic they make you wait for a couple of months but he said he wants his patients with a history to be able to get right in. Maybe the tide is finally changing and they will find nothing on Thursday and I can end this cycle of doctors.

            JoG, My aunt lives in senior housing and loves it. She is very social and takes part in the activities but also spends a lot of time out and about with friends. She did give up her car since transportation is provided and she does have a circle of friends outside. I think I would consider it but then I would like having my meals provided! Her kitchen is not made for cooking a meal.

            Paula, what a scary situation! These kids are expected to accept so many scary things as normal now. I do not understand behavior of people and especially kids anymore. Adults do not take responsibility for their own behavior so what example is being set for kids? I know, I'm back on the soapbox!

            Stopped this morning and had my tires aired. They were all 4 low and the guys at the garage were all sick. Holy Cow! I had to sanitize the steering wheel. I have sanitizer in every pocket and car cranny and I make sure the kids have it in their backpacks. So far we have been very lucky this flu season but each of us has had a flu shot.

            So I am off again to start the day. 11:00 AM and the temps is 18...heat wave!!


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              Thanks, Maxie. I’d better pay better attention to the kitchens, there, I guess.
              We both also like our personal time, be it for reading, or hobbies, or certain TV shows; but we are not hermits. The
              socializing is a mixed bag, depending what they offer.

              We stayed at an apartment when moving here, it appeared to be all seniors —- provided by the company E worked for, til we could finalize on a house. Nobody spoke to us there. We were definitely “outsiders”.
              Early on, I had put up an Australian/NZ wind chime Cheryl sent me, and about a dozen people climbed the stairs to my porch to look at the unusual fishes dangling from it. I was delighted, and opened the door and said a cheery “hello”! Every one of them just turned around and left without a word. Also, one morning near the pool (I wasn’t planning on swimming, just looking around), I misstepped and fell on the concrete. I really needed help getting up. You think anybody would come out and give me a hand? Nope. Fortunately Ellis saw me go down, and came to help me up. The arrogance was annoying, hurtful, and uncalled for.
              I guess that is the kind of thing that I’m afraid will happen again.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                My Aunt Pearl lives at Concordia in the Havens. They "purchase" their apt and then once you die or get moved to the nursing home, your apt reverts back to don't ACTUALLY own it. You can't sell it. Anyways, her apt is a nice sized place, she has a small kitchen that she can cook in and does. Your monthly fee includes 15 meals....whether you use them or not. If you want more, you can do that too. There is transportation available. Many, many activities and events held. If you are lonely or bored, it's your own fault. Another A & U live there also, and he has become quite the woodworker. They have a wood shop that would make others jealous. They make & donate. Here is their website. I KNOW it's not where you want to live, but would give you an idea of what's out there possibly.


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                  Thanks, Cookie. Your aunt’s place offers a bit more than the one we saw. Guess we will shop around more.
                  The one we will visit, if I understand it, not only do you “purchase” an apartment, but the amount you pay makes a difference in what your monthly (like rent) payment will be. I wouldn’t think you pay both. The thing is, the “purchase” of that place is almost 3x the cost of our little home. But brings the monthly fee down to 2K, give or take.
                  I must be living in the past, because I think that’s an awful lot. But we will see what the different places offer.
                  I will say that our friend lives in an upscale fashion. That isn’t really my style. But we will see.
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.