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  • Really? REALLY??????

    Last month Blaise informed me that I was his REAL mother....blah blah blah. Going through this again. Kathy informed me many times over the if I didn't already know....that I wasn't her REAL mother. True, I'm not her bio mom, but we've been with her since she was 90 minutes old and have been thru it all with her. Aunt Janet even took her aside one time and let her know how REAL I was. I haven't heard her use that line in a couple years now. She finally realizes that I'm as real as it's going to get. I ask my Mom if I was EVER going to be a real Mom.

    ​Back in Kathy's teen years, she called CYS on us a few times. Of course they had to come out and inspect us & talk to us. I told them to come right in because I had nothing to hide. It was CYS that ended up putting HER in a detention center because she was causing US so many problems.

    ​Anyways, Kathy's new love is fighting for full custody of his son, and they've reported the mother several times for neglect. So Kathy calls me this evening to let me know that Amber has called CYS on US for not taking care of Blaise. REALLY!?!? I want to rip that girl's eyes out at this particular moment. I've BTDT already and have no desire to go thru this again. Because she's PO at Matt & Kathy, she's going to get back at Kathy thru us & Blaise. There should be a law against pissing matches. So....if & when they arrive, I'll let them in and show them I have nothing to hide. Now Blaise & I did clean up his room because his toys look like they vomited onto the floor. LOL!

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    Donna, I am really sorry that you have to put up with this crap. There should be a law against false reporting. I think I'd ask CYS if they could flag that girl or do something to her for false reporting. I know here in Illinois, after DCFS has investigated and find no basis for accusations, they "RED FLAG" that persons name for future reference.
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      Cookie, so sorry you are getting dragged into this and that it ends up costing you so much aggravation. I have no idea how this system works but there should be some type of repercussion for a false report.


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        Donna, Iím sorry, too, that you have to deal with that. You certainly ARE a real Mom, and a good one!
        I hope this situation is done with soon.
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          First, I hope they do have a way of noting any false, vindictive reports! I wish they could attach a fine to it for the amount of money the officers and staff are paid while investigating false reports! That might scare some enough to not think they can cause havoc and get away with it.

          So sorry, Donna, for all the trouble. YOu know what they say: document, document, document!!! Write down on your calendar exactly what is being said, accused or happening as it happens so you have an evidence trail of sorts when there are any official questions! CYB! cover your ...


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            Paula, I've always heard...CYA LOL