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Monday, 2/5

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  • Monday, 2/5

    Good morning! I just read all the tech support talk about the site and will be waiting to hear from anyone about sending money.

    We are going to have nice temperatures in the high 70's all week. Saturday it got up to 81! The almond trees are blooming early and with that comes the worry about storms later this month and next month, so fingers crossed nothing harms the trees and the blossoms and we won't pay too much for almonds.
    We eat them as snacks and on salads...

    I don't really have much to stress about this week. And I am working on not letting myself get stressed by better planning and not taking on all the worry about things. The Serenity prayer is something that helps me...if I think about it. The shelter dinner is this coming Friday. I decided to make a layered enchilada casserole, called Mexican lasagna. I made it for dinner yesterday and bought enough ground beef for dinner on Friday.

    As an assignment for our Finance class I have to track all income and expenses by category for the next 4 weeks. Just having done my taxes I have somewhat of an overview already as to where I need to start cutting and being more careful. Impulse buying on Amazon and QVC are two places I need to be careful. Blinders on! And maybe take off my QVC app...? I want to be ready to retire and need to really get my habits in better shape.

    I hope today goes well for you and your week starts out right!

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    Morning Paula...looks like just you and me this morning! This morning the temps are in single digits and we had enough flurries yesterday to make the roads slick and tomorrow they are predicting enough snow to shovel. Winter is still hanging on. Today I am making a big pot of chili and we will have that with left over brocolli soup. It is darn cold today!! Wish we hand something blooming around here and a temp in the 70s is a dream!!

    Yesterday my son and I had a pretty good day. Lots of looking...I do not call it a craft just because you hot glue a flower to a wreath. Some of them are not exactly professional looking. The theme of the year seems to be Farmhouse and what if you do not want or live in a farmhouse? Just not much I was interested in but I did buy a shelf with hanging rack in the antique mall for the bathroom. Jon hung it last night and I will buy some pretty towels and switch out the shower curtain into a springy motif. I am so ready for spring!!!

    Years ago my mom had an almond bush with a pretty little dainty flower. It was a shrub and I have looked for a long time but the nurseries around here do not carry it. It is evidently an old style shrub. Paula, your blooming almond trees made me think about that.

    Have meals planned for the next three days and want to clean the house, change beds. The heart cath is Thursday and I do not know what that will bring so you know I won't leave here until the house is spotless. Sierra just walked in since her morning class was cancelled due to illness. It was cancelled somewhere between her shower and drive to school. She will go back to bed and then head out to work this afternoon so the house is quiet until the bus comes. Then things will start to hop!

    Have no interest in football and we did not watch one minute of the game yesterday. I need to gather my tax papers and see if everything is in. Jon and Sierra have already taken theirs. Right now I am more worried about getting a haircut. Time to start the day. Laundry again and need to start the chili. I may be hungry but a grilled cheese sandwich sounds good to go along with the soups. See what kin of energy I have a supper time.

    Keep warm and healthy and have a wonderful day. Send a little of the warmth and sun in this direction....the midwest is freezing again!


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      It could be it was a folk name or an ornamental .
      I will look into it.

    • Paula A
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      Oh my gosh! I just Googled almond bush and the most beautiful flowering pink bush came up!
      Check and see what Zone it can grow in Maxie.
      There was a nursery it can be orders from.

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    Good morning.
    I’m here, but feeling tired. Don’t know why.

    I love nuts, but can’t eat them. IBS. Can’t eat seeds either. I wonder if grinding them up would be acceptable, and if they’d make just a nut flour? I do not like most nut butters.
    Maxie, I wonder if an arborist, nursery or landscaper could tell you how to make an almond producing bush? I have a dwarf apple tree, which is very much like a bush. (In MS, we had a fire-bush my kids used to accidentally run into. I cut all the lower branches off and it made a beautiful tree. Nobody got firebush thorn problems after that. I decided a bush might be just a tree with branches all the way down.). You’d have to get a young tree that has promise of branch shoots (or suckers) still on the trunk. You can control the height with tree loppers.

    I heard from 2 Michiganders yesterday that they got 5” of snow yesterday. The picture I was sent is beautiful! Within a month The weather should be clearing up with the promise of springtime.
    I think we had our “March winds” last week. There is a weak promise of rain for next week, which has an equal chance of not happening, depending on how Mother Nature feels.

    I’m thinking chicken soup would be good today. Use up some leftovers in it.

    Maye, how are you doing?

    Well, I have to get my day going.
    Hope you all have a great day. 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good Afternoon all! The sun is shining but it's still very cold.

      ​Yesterday I spent the afternoon puttering in the kitchen. Made Corky his food for the week and made a PB pie & decorated a carrot cake for the restaurant. Got it delivered, then we sat down & watch an episode of NCIS. Blaise spent the afternoon at Kathy's.

      ​This morning once I got Blaise on the bus & got dressed, I headed to Sandy's to help sort & separate eyeglasses. I then headed to my SIL where my cousin Karen met up too, and we went to lunch together & caught up on news. Now I've got about a half an hour before Blaise comes home. Corky is attending certification classes for the Union M & W this week & next. Won't be home until around 10pm. Very long day for him.

      I'll start another thread about collecting the money to pay Nightstorm.

      Have a good one all!


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        Cookie, I “sticky’’d your new post, so it won’’t get lost.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.