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Saturday Feb 3, 2018

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  • Saturday Feb 3, 2018

    Good FRIGID Morning!

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    Morning...cloudy but warmer morning here...just never know about winter around here! Going to be a quiet weekend. Jon is off but I have no idea what his plans are. No kids around but I have the always piled laundry to keep my busy. My soup was delish and is now a leftover so no need to go out for food today. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hope those of you under the weather are feeling better.


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      Good morning. Temp. just hit 32 deg so looks like we may make the 40 deg. today. Then it cools off a little for a few days. Durn groundhog would have to see his shadow.


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        Good morning.
        Nice to see you posting again, ARM.
        We should be getting 79į today, a tiny drop in temp. Doesnít seem to be windy today. Good!
        Itís my haircut day. Iím overdue. Afterwards we are going to visit Costco.

        I must be doing well, at least the doctors must not be concerned. Got a call yesterday that my appointment had to be changed and is a week and a half further away now.

        Have a great day! 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Morning! Tried to edit my post, but it went goofy on me.

          Hustled all morning. Baked off a couple trays of the pumpkin & choc chry pecan cookies so that I could put them on the plates I was going to deliver. The owner at the nail salon had ordered her bi-monthly German Choc cookies, so I took a sample plate for customers to try. That's the way you get new people. Then took a sample plate of the fresh cookies & mini carrot cakes to the Bistro. Then it was off to meet my friend Debbie for lunch. She was running behind, so I strolled through Giant Eagle next door, and of course spent more money than's that happen? Deb & I had a nice time catching up on our family news.

          ​Blaise had a complete "10" week in Mr S.'s class, so we celebrated with pizza, popcorn, & ice cream while watching TV for the whole evening. I think it's motivated him enough to do it again next week...we'll see.

          ​This morning I've just been roaming around picking up and cleaning things. Changed the bed sheets. Sorted all through my coupons & matched up with the GE ad. No big plans for today, just catching up on cleaning & such.

          ​Great to see you Arm! We could use a male voice around here.

          Have a good one all!


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            good morning, not that my technical difficulties are over...keyboard needed some unplugging and then back in...
            Our temperature will be nice today and for the next week, but with it came a north wind that is blowing stuff all over. I looked out yesterday while I was getting ready for the funeral and you could see all kinds of wispy stuff floating through the sky...and landing on the pool surface. Which does not bother me, but the stuff in the air does bother me. A lot! I have sneezed three times since trying to type and by the third sneeze, the dog yelped!

            My younger friend who was singing with me didn't have much voice because of the change in weather, but we did fine. Another singer was a nephew of the deceased who was the ring bearer at their wedding. H e played and sang How Great Thou Art...and he is 73!
            We had the organist turn the key down a couple of notches and it was fine for my whatever key that was (it started out in the key of B flat, I think) did the trick.

            I have to take brownies over to the church as soon as I am done here for a Celebration of Life. I have learned to have enough food and ingredients on hand for the service that keeps coming up.

            Hope you all have a great weekend.
            My tax appointment is today at 1:00 in Redding so I will be leaving home by 12:30 and hopefully, have all my information. Can you believe I almost forgot that I had the house painted this year? So glad I remembered this morning. I just want to be done when I walk out...until I go back to sign and write the check!

            I will be waiting to see how much and where to send money for the upkeep of this board.
            I can't even begin to say how much I appreciate the Tech Support!


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              Good afternoon everyone..

              It is another cold day..but we are see the sun..Until tomorrow not good..

              and working on my winshield cover..And working on the pillow for the Cancer Center...