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Saturday, 11/13

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  • Saturday, 11/13

    Good morning.
    Where is everyone today?

    I slept in late today, then did a bit of reading.
    Nothing special going on today. Just daily chores, as usual.

    Hope you’re all keeping warm, and feeling well. 🤗

    Have a super-duper day.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good SUNNY Morning! Man did it snow overnight.

    ​Yesterday was wonderful even though it was cloudy, raining, and miserable outside. Mom & I went shopping for the day. The temps were still in the 50's when we left and we got a front spot parking everywhere we went....nice! Said we were living right yesterday. We started out at Kohl's. Mom had a sweater to return there. I normally love shopping at Kohl's, but that sales were basically non-existent on the winter stuff. We wondered around, & Mom picked up a couple small items, but then we left and headed for the other side of town. Made a couple small stops, had lunch, and then went to Boscov's. We had a blast trying clothes and buying clothes. I had returns for there & re-spent the money. Bless Corky's soul, he still thinks I'm a medium. Love that guy!!! I ended up with 3 outfits. One top I just absolutely feel beautiful in it. So flowy. We headed home before the icy rain got started. Cooked a semi decent meal. Lots of veggies. That makes it healthy...right?

    ​Blaise was in a horrible mood for the first hour or so home. I got an email from his one teacher that he did come to class prepared, but his behavior was terrible on Thursday. That means that he doesn't get electronics for the loooooong weekend. Now he did pass the "8's" test the first time thru, so I did let him have 1 hr on his DS2. Of course it's the teacher's fault and the teacher has it out for him. Really? Wished I had a little camera so I could honestly see what's going on.

    ​This morning I slept in a bit. I've been here a few times, but I was waiting for someone else to start the thread. We are just puttering around cleaning a little of this & that. I've got the laundry going. Cork is outside trying to get us shoveled out. The guys next door aren't plowing us out like they have the past 2 years. Kathy was going to keep Blaise overnight, but with all this snow, I said it wasn't worth the risk. Just to stay in & hunker down. Cork & I were going to go up and help Becca move her big items into her house, but the snow & ice kind of nixed that idea. So she's just staying in and working on her class work. She has to get back in the groove of school/classes. Only 2 yrs this time. Think I'll make Blaise & I pork chops for dinner tonight.

    ​Have a safe & warm day!


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      I am resting ALOT! Still not well...Daddy is doing better should go home today...Mom is sounding better also...but exausted! I am going back to sleep


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        Morning...I also slept in this morning but only after being up a big part of the night. Then I sat alone and had a cup of coffee reflecting on life and how I am spending half of mine freezing in this Illinois deep freeze! We have had enough cold to last the entire winter already!!

        Same stuff happening today that happened yesterday and probably will happen tomorrow. What a rut and a cold rut at that. Stay warm and healthy all..