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Slick out 1/12/2018

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  • bethina
    started a topic Slick out 1/12/2018

    Slick out 1/12/2018

    I got up early hoping for a call that the store wouldn't be such lunch...I am feeling a little bit better I think...Haven't heard from dad hadn't talked to him yet...she is hoping to go see him...but will wait for the road people to clean her and snow in southern IL.

    The store has been so slow this week..I am hoping that it picks up soon.

    Walmart again after work and lunch out and a hair cut today.

  • JoGee
    You’re welcome, Paula. I’m glad to have been of some help.

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  • Paula A
    Well, better late than... but my dad always said, Better never late!

    Sunny and only two big puddles left. I just told the kids if they play in the water their shoes will get
    Wet and their feet will be Cold! Seems to help.

    My hams are done and one sliced and ready to go. The other will be sliced as soon as these two kids leave.
    Two were not here today, two gone early and one will be gone in just a few. Then I can put the last 2 year old in her high chair with play dough and in my sight while I slice the other ham.
    I make my own stress!

    Elaine, I hope your weather stays good enough for all your driving. So many appointments Gary had to get family or friends to drive him because I was busy with daycare.

    Jo, thanks for all your email help! I told my brother to be ready to
    Tip when he receive my mom at the Orlando airport when her attendant wheels her up.

    I will be able to post in the morning on the weekend. Til then stay well and be happy!

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  • JoGee
    Good late morning.

    A sunny day here. Supposed to get to 74° today, but that will last an hour....2 at the most. So mostly, especially in the morning, it’ll be in the 60’s. (For me, that’s cold). And when the sun is setting the temps dive down faster.

    Got my tooth powder in the mail, finally. I like it better than toothpaste. I can actually see a difference!

    We’ll soon be leaving for the matinee movie with Meryl Streep & Tom Hanks. That means lunch out. 😄 Hope an omelet (w/spinach and tomato and cheese) is on the menu.

    Beth, if your parents are sick, they probably need some extra rest. I hope you all are over your ailments soon.
    Cookie, let us know how you like the Fitbit, when you get it.
    Potato rolls sound so good, Elaine!
    Sharon, the weather is unpredictable everywhere. Looks like we won’t have any “real” winter here this year. February might prove me wrong, but I doubt it. Hello, more drought.
    Hey Maxie. “Free” shipping seems to mean longer waiting times. I’ve run out of a hair product I love, which I ordered 3 days ago, and the shipment won’t arrive til the 16th. I also ordered a new box of my favorite Mocha at the same time, same order, but that’s due to arrive any time now.

    Stay warm. Keep your bright lightbulbs on. I think soup or stew is best for cold weather meals. And keep smiling. 🤗

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  • maxie
    Cold, icy morning here. Yesterday at noon the temp was 64 and by 5:00 had dropped to 36. Then the ice came in but was not near as bad as it could have been and no snow! Yay for something but temps are going to stay below freezing for a while. Winter sucks and it just keeps on going and going and going...

    Andrew has early dismissal today and I may make it a carry out night. I am tired of cooking after doing 4 this week. four meals cooked and not a leftover in the fridge...this family sure needs a lot of food to get through the winter.

    Again nothing is new around here. My pillows finally shipped...hate that they made me wait a week just because I opted for free shipping...the nerve! I have not had a haircut for over a month and need one badly. Have two doctors appointments next week so should try to squeeze one in. You know I have the winter blahs when I let my hair go. It has a scary affect on everyone!

    Hope you and your family are feeling better Beth. Elaine, so much running but you do what you have to do. Hope you keep decent weather. Cookie, can you ever go out to shop and not have lunch? I have been know to time my shopping around lunch hours! Sharon I could not can anything with this crew. They would have it eaten before it hit the freezer or shelf.

    Take care all, stay healthy and warm and maintain your mental health in this long winter. The break from the last cold was not long enough!

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  • boffler
    Good Morning, sitting here watching the weather to see if it turns to freezing outside and then snow to fall.. they called off schools, better safe than sorry, weather is so unpredictable, I never harp at the weather forecasters they aren't God and how fast things can change...

    Got all the fixins I need to make veggie soup, down to two jars canned left so in need again and always make enough for my friends husband he loves my veggie soup. Other than that I don't have any plans but to stay in and stay safe...

    Have a good day one and all.

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  • ladyebug
    Good Morning.

    Not sure when I was here last. We are up and out the door every morning for something for John. Met a new doctor on Wednesday. Blood work on Monday, transfusion Tuesday. More blood work Wednesday. I do NOT know how he stands all of these blood tests.

    We started out at 56 degrees yesterday morning, and by night we were at 23. Still at 23. *shiver*

    Decided to pull out the bread machine and make some potato rolls this morning. Need to cook more bacon in the new bacon pan.

    Hope all is well with everyone. I haven't even had a moment to sit down and read about how you all are. Maybe today.

    Hugs ~ ~ ~

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  • cookielady
    Good Morning! It's a ducky one out there this morning.

    ​Yesterday was good. After Bible study I stopped by Sandy's for her to explain some more about the eyeglass machine. Didn't take as long as I thought it would. After lunch I headed into Aldi's to stock up. Took a nap before Blaise & Cork came home. Once Blaise got home, we headed into town to the councilor's office. Stopped at Arby's for dinner. Spent most of the evening working on eyeglasses.

    ​This morning my Mom & I are going shopping & of course lunch out. No other plans than that. I've got some returns to make at Boscov's & a gift card for there, so I'm going to have fun shopping. I love that store. A HUGE array of clothes & housey stuff. I had hinted for a Fitbit for Christmas, and Cork got me an off brand type, and it is clunky....not I'm returning it & seeing if they have the brand. Not sure what I'm going to make for dinner, but since I begged off last night, I feel like I should make something decent.

    Have a good one all!

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