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Sunday ! January 7

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  • Sunday ! January 7

    Good Morning, Friends.

    50 degrees here. Yay!

    No news from here. Made an overnight ham and egg casserole for church. Needed to use up the ham.

    Have y'all ever frozen loaf bread? I've never done it before but this past couple of months I have, and I'm finding it very convenient, since John goes through a massive amount of bread.

    Hope you all have a great Sunday. Day of rest, Donna~

    Hugs ~

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    Good morning...we are heading out for church in a bit then having brunch to celebrate all the birthday in the coming my nieces was was a great day yesterday she seemed to love all her was also a day of thanksgiving...Elyzabeth my niece that turned 16 yesterday was driving home with the family in the car on Friday night and came to what she thought was a 4 way stop...well it wasn't a 4 way stop and the 18 year old driving the other car instead of stopping or pulling out of the way ducked out of fear. More than likely the van is totaled just so glad that no was hurt enough to go to the hospital. Cars can be replaced people can't....sure did shake her up. I am not sure when she will get her license. She wasn't really feeling ready anyways.


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      Good morning all.

      Really don't have time to "yak". Have to get dressed for S.S. & Church.

      Everyone have a good day.


      Morbus Sabbaticus or Sunday Sickness, is a disease peculiar to church members.
      The attack comes on suddenly on Sundays. No symptoms are felt on Saturday night; the patient sleeps well and awakes feeling well; eats a hearty breakfast, but about church time the attack comes on and continues until services are over for the morning. The patient feels easy and eats a hearty dinner.
      In the afternoon he feels much better and is able to take a walk, automobile ride, go visiting, talk politics and reads the papers; he eats a hearty supper but about church time he has another attack and stays home. He retires early, sleeps well, and awakes on Monday morning refreshed and able to go to work, He does not feel any of the returned symptoms until the next Sunday.

      The peculiar features are as follows--

      1. It attacks only members of a church.
      2. it never makes its appearance except on Sunday.
      3. The symptoms vary, but never interfere with appetite and sleep.
      4. It never lasts more than 24 hours.
      5. It generally attacks the head of the family and continues to spread until every member is affected.
      6. No physician is ever called.
      7. It always proves fatal in the end to the soul.
      8. No remedy is known for it except repentance and prayer.
      9. Real heart-felt salvation is the only antidote.

      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Morning! Going to warm up above freezing for the first time in 14 days! These last two weeks have been enough of winter!! This morning we will have snow and sleet but as the temps warm it will turn into rain and since the ground is so darn cold that will turn into freezing rain. Spring anyone?

        Blues lost yesterday but have another chance this afternoon. Finished the laundry so can iron during today's game. The moved furniture has finally gown on me so now I need to do something with the bare walls. Need to get a tv hooked up and make this room family friendly. Hope the new pillows come in this week since I opted for free shipping that means it takes a lot longer. Need to decide on what to do with the wall to warm this room up.

        I have nothing to say so need to move on. Looking like a jammies day here.


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          Good morning.
          Iíve been up since 5. Had breakfast, sorted the newspaper and read parts of it. This newspaper has 5 ďbooksĒ of coupons to cut out. My girls will love that! Hope I can find some good ones for our use, too.

          Elaine, yes Iíve frozen bread before. Raising 5 kids, Iíve had to, or else would have to make several runs during the week for it. Actually, I made their school lunch sandwiches, put each in itís sandwich baggie, then restocked the sandwiches in the bread wrapper to freeze. Every school morning it was a timesaver to pack their lunches. By lunch time the sandwiches would be thawed and tasting very fresh for them. I would make oatmeal cookies and prewar & freeze them for lunches, too.

          No plans for today. Just the usual everyday stuff.

          Have a good day. ☀️
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I just read yesterday's posts. It was a day that started a bit late with a lot to do...
            Maxie, the Girl Scout mothers story is the best! This is so early to be able to get a GS cookie, too!

            I waited until yesterday morning to put my salad together, although I had made the cornbread for it on Friday. It was a bit of a rush to get myself ready and presentable for a funeral and do all the chopping (I should have done onfriday) and get my salad layered and able to chill for an hour. I had also told a friend who wasn't able to go I would pick up her dessert and so it was a rushed morning. I arrived at the cemetery in time to sit a minute and also found someone who was going to the house afterwards to take the food...Whew! I really like the salad but it is a process and a shopping trip ususally, because I seldom have red or yellow peppers...

            church and a little organizing. the shop I was taking things to is closed for remodeling and I don't want the box and two bags sitting in the living room any longer. I will find a place for them to hide for a few days and hopefully, get them gone. I keep adding to the piles. I was looking for a purse that I kow is in a bag somewhere (those bags that keep them clean but also make it really hard to see them!) and found a number of purses neither of us use anymore. the shop is a combination vintage and antique and donation for the homeless, so I am pretty sure the purses can be donated. A friend is having a ayrd sale for her kids' school trip fund in the spring and I will offer her anything the store doesn't want.

            I have a pot roast in the oven and will make some lemon bars when we get home. I bought fresh green beans and mixed greens for a salad and a new lemon vinaigrette.

            Yesterday was the final day for our Japanese friends visit with my son. My brother had a layover so he and his co-pilot met them at a restaurant on the harbor in Baltimore and had one last great dinner. My brother tries to make contact with any of the family around his stops. He sees more of us than anyone else.
            Since Christmas Day there has been someone visiting at Spencer's and as great as visits are, I am sure he and the family will be happy to have some quiet now that all the guests are gone.

            After days of clouds and rain, it was so nice yesterday. The service at the cemetery was nice and since I stood the whole time, the sun on my back felt good.
            We are to get more rain, starting tomorrow...poor daycare kids! I hope they all went out this weekend.

            Elaine, that is my favorite soup: Navy bean!

            Take care of yourselves and stay out of the way of the germs! REally bad cold/flu going around here and it is a strain the shot doesn't effect.


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              Hello! I was sure that I checked in earlier this morning...any ways yesterday was my nieces sweet 16. It was great day with good food and quality time with family. Mom wasn't feeling well when they got here Friday daddy and I both are not feeling the best...My sister and I had our bithday dinner today...My daddy took all of us out for lunch and They gave us our sister got the exact crock pot that she wanted...I got her sylacone utensals that match it so that she won't scratch it up and when she takes it places she won't lose her serving stuff because it matches the crock pot. I also got her some glasses now when we are over all of us have matching ones. We both got pajamas from mom.

              I got a really pretty out fit...a loose top and fleece lined leggings...My sister got me the exact skillet I was wanting. Its a fancy none stick one that you don't have to use spray or butter with and she got me a couple of spachulas and grabbers with the rubber on them so I don't scratch my new skillet. I am going to break it in this evening when I make grilled cheese for supper.

              I think that our afternoon here will be a quiet one and I am completely fine with that...