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January 3, 2018 ~~~ good morning!

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  • January 3, 2018 ~~~ good morning!

    The sun isnít up yet, but we donít expect much change in the weather. Just slightly cooler.
    An errand or 2 to run, and E has PT today.

    Have a great day! ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good Morning! The sun is shining, but it's below zero here.

    Yesterday was very productive. You know I like productive! Once I finally got up yesterday, I started working on organizing the pantry room again. I had stacks of empty plastic storage containers for all the cookies out in my dining room & had to get them worked back into the pantry in an orderly fashion. Pitch a few things. It's not done yet, but close. After lunch, I took Blaise to see the movie ??? Fernando. It was funny. I laughed out loud quite a few times. Afterwards we went down to Kathy's to pick up Blaise's winter coat he left there. I KNOW there is a green winter coat also, but do you think we can find it?

    I finished the night off by stuffing envelopes and getting them ready to mail today. They are going out to everyone who ordered from me during the holidays. A thank you letter.

    The school district was kind enough to notify us of the 2 hr delay about 5:30pm yesterday, so there was no hurry this morning to get Blaise up & moving. This has given me the chance to get up early and get the treat ready for the doctor's office. I made cupcakes & did 4 different flavors. They are now done & ready to go. I have my yearly physical today & will take them in with me. Cork is still off this week, so he'll get Blaise on the bus before heading over for his second interview at a firm in Saxonburg. Tomorrow he has another interview at another plant.

    Not sure what the rest of the day will hold. Probably more cleaning & organizing. There is ALWAYS laundry to do. These school delays kind of monkey up the day, but I have a feeling there will be delays the next 2 days also.

    Have a good one all & stay warm!!!!


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      I could understand leaving a sweatshirt jacket someplace but a coat? we have lost several through the years...amazing all the black holes out there!!

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    Kids do not go back to school here until tomorrow but the districts that went back yesterday and today have cancelled for the cold. Not sunny out this morning but the furnace is chugging on. Have no idea what the temp is but no warm up for a few more days.

    We did the lunch thing yesterday and while out I priced throw pillows...geeze who stuffed them with gold fiber? $40 for a pillow someone in this house will put their feet on? I don't think so! So went to Amazon and ordered 4 pillows and then picked out covers that I loved and for $50 will have 4 new pillows. Since I went with free shipping I will have to wait 10 days but it was a considerable savings.

    Nothing going on around here. Soup was good and warm and the Blues won again in overtime...had to dvr Bull so will watch that later today. Great little invention that dvr thing! Always laundry to keep me busy. Did a load of whites yesterday and the machine started thumping...woke Jon up and he came running and we met in the laundry room...appears one of Sierra's bra straps wrapped around a bunch of clothes and the huge knot threw the machine off balance. I have never seem a knot of clothes like that and how could one little strip of elastic stretch that far to wad up a bunch of pj's and tee shirts?

    Jon mentioned yesterday that he has saved my old brass lamps from home and maybe we should bring them up for a change and retire his ginger jar lamps. Need to check that out...I do love those lamps but thought they were long gone. The problem is finding the right size lamp shades anymore.

    Well enough gibber and should get moving. Not cooking today but will have to start back on schedule tomorrow with school starting. We are also taking back the homework because here it got checked and completed and evidently if Andrew told his mother he did not have any she did not go look to see if it was completed or checked. Sooo, it's back!! Homework stinks and winter sucks!

    Stay warm and hope you all have productive days like Cookie...she is a wonder!


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      Morning checking in from work. It's really dead here