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brrr Sunday 12/31

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  • brrr Sunday 12/31

    Good morning....I know I haven't been here for a few days..I promise to try to do better....I am meeting friends for coffee for new years eve I have no plans and nothing on New years days. I am prefectly fine staying home and doing feels as if I have been going going going lately. I don't even have to worry about cleaning the house its done too.

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    Happy New Yearís Eve Day!
    Not much going on here today. We will just let the New Year tippy-toe in.
    Unless a dozen partying people drop in with goodies and insist on a party. 🙄😂🤣

    Temps are slowly starting to drop again here, but thatís okay.

    Have a great day, however you spend it. 😄
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good Afternoon! We are in a deep freeze here. The sun is currently peeking out, but not much warmth with it. Erie, PA has over 83" of snow!!!

      Yesterday was good. Went to Aldi's for the first time in over a week. That's unheard of for me. Spent WAY more than anticipated. Came home & made up some ham BBQ's and cut up one of the pineapple I got. Pineapples were only $.89!!! Took the ham bbq & pineapple with me when I went to visit my SIL & family. They had just finished doing their delayed Christmas. My SIL looked so much better. My brother rarely let go of her hand.

      My big accomplishment was typing in everyone's orders so that I can print them off & send them with the thank you letter I'm preparing to send on Tues.

      This morning was church & SS. I noticed some of our older members weren't there. Probably too cold to get out & clean off their cars. I had to head to the pharmacy and get some more insulin. I'm not liking this new stuff. My vision is getting blurry because my level has been high for too long. Cork requested chicken rice soup, so I've got the chicken on simmering, and that's what we'll have for supper.

      Also prepping food stuff for tomorrow's New Years meal. I'm preparing it all here & then taking it to my brother's. Pork & sauerkraut, mash potatoes, veggies, apple sauce, and bread. Think I'll make the bread today & we'll have some with our soup tonight. Will take some soup to my brother's.

      On Thursday I had my friend Lori cut my hair in a wedge. Something different. It must not look great on me, because not a single person has commented on it. Oh grows.


      • Paula A
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        I hope you post some picture on Facebook so we can see it. You don't have to say, Look at me, but just make sure in the picture we can see it...I love seeing new styles on people!

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      Afternoon...going to be the coldest in 3 years around here with wind chills below 25. Now that is very cold! So I saved today to be the day I go grocery shopping. Jon says he will meet up after work which means we will probably grab a bite, then home for my jams. No celebrating for me for many years. Jon has not mentioned going out but he is so last minute with plans. Naturally Sierra is meeting friends and doing her thing. Mommy dearest left this morning but I have not talked with Sierra. She has been coming in fairly early since on weekend she starts work at 5 AM but goes right to bed.

      Other than the horrible cold there is nothing going on here. I really need to run the vacuum and cook some meals. It is after noon so I could stand to shower and dress but am not in a hurry to do that either. It has been lazy dazy around here. Only thing kept up is the laundry!

      Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and do exactly what you want. Staying in and warm is the most important thing around here. So glad you sil is doing better, cookie. Beth stay warm and safe inside. Jo, not sure I would let a party in...would depend on what kind of party snacks they brought and if I had to dress! Happy New Year all!!!


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        I am back from church and in my leggings..which I never thought I would like. Becky bought me a couple of pair (to be used around the house!) and I really like them. Like pajamas, in my mind. Even if I thought I look cute from the front, I would not trust to show my backside inthem in public, so don't worry, folks!

        It was 37 on the way o church and 52 on the way home. I can't even fix that up: too many letters keep disappearing.

        Nothing planned for food or fun around here. I did buy some snacks, but now I wish I had thought to have a crocpot roast or something...I do all the ingredients for Jo's potato soup idea so that will probably be what I do when I get up from here.

        I pick Becky up at the airport at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. I hope there isn't that much traffic, but it was so easy taking her down I can't complain.

        Happy New Year's Eve. It will mean a night of quaking dogs as the neighborhood sets off firecrackers and whatever else they have to make a lot of noise.
        If it would only keep them tired enough to sleep in!

        See you in the new year!


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          Paula, if youíre not sure how the leggings look,....well, thatís why they make tunic tops.

          Iíve come to appreciate long tops and tunics, as my surgeries have left me ĒlumpyĒ in places around my mid-section, and eradicating any waistline I used to have.

          We will likely have pizza tonight. We have chocolates, but Iím actually tiring of them. E keeps me supplied, though.
          I have raisin bread that, toasted with butter, is a lovely snack. E has wines or eggnog. I have mocha, or else cherry cider.
          I almost forgot...I bought a small shrimp tray. But I doubt we can stay awake til midnight.

          Happy 2018 when it arrives.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.