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    Good morning everyone.

    Does everyone still feel stuffed "as a Christmas Turkey" or just finally relaxing after a big day of cooking and hosting?

    ​I think winter has finally arrived. It is not suppose to get above 16 degrees today. At least we don't have what the north and east has. At least our cold should feel more "dry" than their's.

    Have to make a run to the store today sometime. Then in for the rest of this cold day.

    My mother taught me MORE LOGIC:

    "If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

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    Good morning.
    It’s currently 38° now, but should get to 73° this afternoon. The temps are going up the rest of the week, though.

    We mostly just “grazed” yesterday. Didn’t stuff ourselves.
    So then, we ended up going to the movies. E surprised me by getting tickets for seats in the “Extreme Digital” theater for The Last Jedi. The seats are soft, thickly padded recliners. Never having been to “Extreme Digital”, I hadn’t realized the stuffing was to hide the machinery inside, more than for comfort....I think. Once the movie got going, I was not that crazy about the effects....part was a massage unit that was to give you the feeling of motion; the seats would tilt slightly forward or back or to either side, or a combination of those things. There were two times it made me start to feel nauseous. I was not impressed, and didn’t care for it. I can see today’s kids enjoying it, though. Told E how I felt about the experience, and let’s never do that again. I missed much of the dialogue in the background noise that must be necessary to chair vibrations to create the motion effect. But it interfered with the conversations of and about key characters. At home, E looked up the movie and explained the details about the key characters.

    So, after the movie we decided we weren’t hungry enough to use our OG gift cards, and so came home. I had a bowl of cereal, and he snacked on his crackers, cheese, and summer sausage gift.

    Today our new LR chairs will be delivered. Yay!
    I have one more load of laundry to do.

    One more holiday to go this year, and that’s preparing to welcome the New Year. I’m still trying to figure out where the Old Year went. Seems they don’t make the years as long as they used to! 🙂

    Have a great day. ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning..I am up have had my shower..and will head to walmart in a bit..I still need to finish putting together one last Christmas gift for my bestie at emergancy bag for her purse..a manicure kit a lotion band aids ibuprophen and tylenol she already has the essential oils to go in it.

      I also want need a few groceries...My sister got me this really really neat Crisper pan...I want to get things that I can cook in I will try french fries and maybe brussel sprouts. I think that pan was among my favorite gifts. I really liked everything that I got. Now I have to wait for my birthday to pass to get what I didn't get for Christmas..I am so wanting to buy a sandwich maker but I have to wait for my birthday I think my sis or mom maybe getting that for me. If not I have the money set aside to get it.


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        I will not lose that stuffed feeling until every leftover is gone! All I do is eat and the only time I got up yesterday was to eat some more! Someone needs to get me out of this house...maybe out to eat?

        More snow flurries last night...enough to make some slick spots or so our resident night traveler says. Temps will drop to close to zero tonight with more flurries. Personally I am finished with winter and these snow flakes and cold are just wasted on me. Getting the hint Mother Nature? Some of us are over winter! Take me back to those 50s and 60s from earlier this month.

        Have several piles of laundry to bring me back to normal chores around here. Jon is off tomorrow so maybe we can think about taking the tree down. I cannot do it alone but since I never actually ever finished setting out decorations there are not that many to put away. Never even put the last of the ornaments on the tree. My New Years Resolution is to do better with Christmas next year! Hope I remember that when the new year rolls around.

        Did I tell you that we never got that darn elf to fly with the balloons? We had four of the nicest prettiest balloons that flew everywhere when we took them out of the bag but they would not pick that fat elf up off the couch! We tied them to his feet and arms and then two to his arms and even four around his neck but he would not lift up. Finally Sierra wrote a note and we tied that to the balloons and sent that elf back to the north pole. What type of super air did people put in those balloons? Hopefully next Thanksgiving we can have a retirement party for that elf! But I did see a video some parent made of the elf dancing around the kids at night while they slept. Want to send that to my nephew for his 3 little ones. People are so darn clever.

        Thinking I will walk my cold feet in to the coffee pot and then find another cookie. I am doing my best to rid this house of is hard work but I am making the supreme sacrifice of hunting down and eliminating every sweet that was brought in.

        Jo I have not been in a movie theater in a long time and am fascinated with the motion, etc. You city people have all the new exciting! Enjoy the day after everyone...going to be burr cold here!


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          Maxie, I'm thinking my niece got the balloons she used from Dairy Queen.

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        Good morning Friends

        flying by,,, family keeping me moving ..always getting talked to.. or pondering what to fix to seeing them all but getting tired ..
        be back to read more this evening .


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          A quiet day here. Getting ready to weekly blood test. Eating leftovers for breakfast and lunch.

          Have a good day.


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            Good Afternoon, yesterday was great, not a big variety of food but everyone got stuffed. There were 10 of us here, all the kids and spouses, all 3 grands and the X. Secret Santa with the theme of pajamas. But best gift of all was the unexpected hug from the 15 year old grandson, the youngest grand daughter is all about hugs (Will run up as soon as she sees me and gives and gets a big hug). Grandson also made the comment to Candie about "just like your Mom, can't say no".