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Christmas Day!

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  • Christmas Day!

    Happy Christmas early morning all.
    Candles on. Carols on. Cat mewping for biscuits.
    0600 Christmas morning.

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    Merry Christmas, Lisa! Ohhhh! Your home looks so warm and lovely. Your tree - Wonderful

    Church twice yesterday - Christmas Eve was beautiful with 60 + candles glowing. Had special friends here until about 10:30. Three neighbors brought plates of homemade goodies.
    Melody made fresh apple cake, and we had ham and all that goes with it.
    Today lunch at niece's and on to a nephew's home to visit. Have a very special day!

    Christmas hugs to Everyone.


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      Good morning everyone...

      Merry Christmas everyone...

      I think Santa miss us....My two kittys scare Santa
      We have gifts..And some kittys toys...
      Ane everyone have nice Christmas....


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        Merry Christmas!!!!! It's wonderful to see you Lisa.

        Yesterday was another busy day.. Came home from church & SS, and started working on the lasagna. Made 2 pans of it for tonight's dinner. A couple customers came too and picked up their orders. I did get a small nap in. Becca did make it home to go to church with us last night. After I got the guys to bed, about 9pm I started wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping. I thought I had a majority of it done, but I didn't. I didn't get to bed until after 12:30am.

        Guess who was up at 2:30, 3:15, 4, 5, 5:30? Blaise! I told him no looking in the stocking until 7:30, and my Mom & brother Ray are coming at 9am for the gift opening. I was told I was making this THEE WORST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRRRR! LOL! Whatever. I was tired. Now I know how my parents felt. Anyways, I'm pulling a fast one on him. Grandpap Bob & Millie sent a pkg of packages for him (the other grandparents of the father). I put the unwrapped gifts in his stocking and scattered their gifts among ours. He THOUGHT he knew what was under the tree....HA!

        It snowed a few inches overnight, so it's a white one out there & bitter cold. I thought MAYBE we'd go down to visit Sherry this morning later on, but at this point we aren't. Tom's gang is coming to my Mom's for dinner and gifts, then they'll go back down for the late evening visitation. I think my cousin Karen & her family are going for the late afternoon visitations so that Sherry isn't alone while we are having dinner. It's just not going to be the same this year, but I'm so so thankful she's still around, even if it's in a hospital bed. There have been many unexpected deaths around here in the last few weeks.

        Well the lil man is awake. Let the fun begin! Hugs to you all!!


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          Good morning everyone.


          This is our first white Christmas​ in 7 years. Last evening it was so pretty until the wind started blowing. We had snow hanging on the tree limbs where it made it look like a winter wonderland, but the wind took care of that.

          ​Our Christmas eve program got canceled due to slick roads. A lot of us drive 7 miles to go to church and others, who live close, have steep hills to drive over. We always have a candle lite service , and it is so pretty. But the Good Lord knows what he is doing.

          Everyone enjoy your family or friends get to gather today.

          The greatest King of all would arrive in Little Bethlehem, the City of David, the city of shepherds. The place where sacrificial lambs were born and raised. He was placed in a manger. What did that sign mean to the shepherds? What does it mean to you today?
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          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


          • Paula A
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            I love today's gentle reminder of the birth of the Good Shepherd...

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          Good morning, and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE. 🎄

          It’s a cold 41° right now, but going to 75° today. No snow here. It might be a good day in Casa Grande (between here and Phx) to watch Dust Devils form, spinning and growing to great heights til they disappear.

          Lisa, what a lovely, cozy picture of your home and tree. Thanks for sharing that.

          Looks like the holiday festivities have begun for most of you.
          I really slept in this morning. E is still asleep. No plans for today.
          Tomorrow sometime we have our new comfy chairs being delivered.

          Wishing you all a wonderful day. 🎄 ☀️
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Merry Christmas! Yes it was a white Christmas for us also yesterday! Was it 7 years Jostoy? Seems longer than that! Andrew and his Uncle Scott went out to shovel although I do not think it was quite necessary but it was fun. We did get several inches and may be getting flurries for the next couple of days. Snow is not something we get a lot of anymore and these cold temperatures should also become a thing of the past...single digits are coming our way this week.

            Jon and Sierra are already off to work. Everyone at Sierra's McDs must work 4 hours today and then she will spend the rest of her day with her boyfriend. This is also the first year this owner will pay these kids extra. Never on any holiday has he even compensated them with a free hamburger. I have a fridge full of leftovers and am debating even getting dressed...Jon is actually hoping for a double today since he does get holiday pay and had to work anyway.

            Our holidays were wonderful! Yesterday morning around 6ish Andrew crawls in bed with me and says I heard you up. when he was allowed to grab the rest of the crew his dad says Andrew was up at 3 AM laying on the couch starring at the tree and Santa haul. Kids are so great at Christmas! Sierra and I filled the stockings late the night before and when we were finished she held them up and says 'I know who rates around here'. OMG! Drew's was filled to the top and she barely half up. I felt bad but she took it well...I had offered to share the splat balls but she said Andrew could have them all but she did take the snowman poop. Well, I had missed the last shopping trip with that darn surgery and I have to say I have not been on top of things all month and know it. Thank goodness she is old enough to understand. They were matched gift for gift so at least Santa got that right.

            I have a tin of walnut refrigerator cookies hidden away so think they need dragged out since I am home alone. Merry Christmas to each of you! Love and good wishes to all!!


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              Merry Christmas! I just got a text that Becky has landed in Phoenix and then catches her flight t Baltimore. I got home around 9:00 having stopped only to drop her off and give her a hug. My favorite places to stop were closed. Wish I had known McD's works. anyway, I hurried in and now I am enjoying your posts.

              Spencer called while I was driving and thensaid, Oh, you should be home in 90 minutes, right? I looked at my speedometer and had to really slow traffic, no weather problems, no trucks and No Cops on the road. New tires and my car just didn't want to go under 75 it seemed. I had to really make myself slow down. But I got here and the dogs and cat were happy to see me. Seeing a big piece of luggage roll out makes them all nervous.

              I have been cracking up over the photos and comments my kids are sending me. Stuart, in WA, posted this Terrible version of 4 year old Derek singing in his room last night of Silver Bells. Funny terrible!

              My brother called and told me he is flying today and knew Becky was going to be. He said the map showed really good weather almost everywhere, except for on little area: guess that is Jostoy and Maxie's area. I knew Phoenix was going to be good from what JoG was posting, so I figured Becky would makeit to BWI on time. They have a friends from Japan who are flying Nonstop from Narita to Dulles in a couple of days! That is the same flight Spencer's family took when they moved: like 15 hours!!! Their friends have a 2 year old, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for them, please.
              And for the other passengers flying around them!

              We had our dinner with my mom yesterday and not sure what I will do. I am enjoying this quiet time right now.

              Merry Christmas to all of you!


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                Paula, you reminded me of when my brother, a first grader then, recorded “WOOO-DOLPH THE WED NOSED WAINDEEW”, which he sang in a mono-tone! (Every kid in his class made a recording that year.). It was just horrible, but cute because he was a very little kid (as opposed to being well over 6’ now). I think I’ll remind him of his recording, like a big sister should. 🤣😂🤣❤️
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.