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Christmas Eve Dec. 24th

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  • Christmas Eve Dec. 24th

    Good morning and I hope all are well or getting there.

    We are having just our worship service with the other congregation that we share the building with and it will be at 10:00 am. WE normally begin at 9:00 so this is a nice morning.

    Yesterday the shopping was good, not crazy crowds. The line was a little long at Macy's to pay, but two people dropped out and that made it better. Suddenly it was my turn! Becky was able to exchange her shoes for the correct size and I found two really cute tops on sale. We decided to not go anywhere else and came home to take my mom out to a Chinese early dinner. I left stuffed but totally loving our dinner. And no mess to clean up! And thoroughly ready to cut down and cut out and lose a few pounds!

    Today we will have our dinner with my mother here at my house. It will be gift giving and an early departure for the airport tomorrow 5:30 am walking out the door. Luckily, I don't have to look as good as if I were travelling, so I just need to be clean and dressed!

    I hope you all have a good day and are able to feel the Joy of this wonderful Season!

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    Good Morning! It was weird yesterday. The morning started out in the 50's and by mid-afternoon it was in the 30's & snowing.

    Yesterday it was like Grand Central Station around here. People picking up & me trying to bake 11 pies. I'd get started 7 then I'd get interrupted. Took the last pies out about 1pm. Then it was time to start cooking food for my brother & his family. Made them mac salad & sloppy joes for whenever they want them, and then took down a hot meal of orange chicken, rice, broccoli, and pumpkin pie. YUM! It was nice eating together.

    Our tree it finally up. It's short & stout. I have to finish decorating it later. My Mom, other brother, and I went down to visit Sherry. Came home and actually sat down & watched a movie. Nice.

    This morning we had regular services & SS. Today is the 4th Sunday in Advent. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and we are going to the 4:30 service for that. I'm HOPING Kathy comes. Blaise is doing a reading. I told her. Becca might come down & go with us.

    I still have a couple customers that need to come & pick up their orders. One being Aunt Janet's daughter.

    Have a good one all!


    • Aunt Maye
      Aunt Maye commented
      Editing a comment
      Donna, that girl is NOT related to David and I... we are two of the "on-time" type of people.. she must have picked up being late, forgetting.stuff, from her Husband"s side

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    Things are quiet around here. No real plans for Tomorrow. Everyone is gone except my daughter, Kare, and her husband and they are both sick. We will see what happens.
    I want to wish all Rounders a wonder filled Christmas. May it be joyful!


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      Good late morning.
      Temps are in the mid-70ís again, nights back up to the 40ís for a while, too.
      Today we will just be home, doing home stuff. I sure hope to use it that ham in the next couple of days. E will be in Pigsí Heaven. (Did I mention Iím not a fan of ham?).
      Guess Iíll drag out the kidsí presents to us later today.
      Tomorrow Iíll bring in some of the frozen cookies to thaw. Weíve got 5 kinds of candies on the coffee table today. Itíll probably last through the New Year.....and probably beyond. Donít need it in our diet. Maybe a neighbor will stop by? Need to spread the holiday, joy! 🤪

      Hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas are wonderful! 🌲 🎶 🌲
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good afternoon everyone...
        We went to church...And it was full to day....It was nice..

        and it cool to day..We see the sun to day..And the kittys are trying to be Santa...


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          Good after noon.

          Mike, and Pam got in (from Colorado Springs). late evening yesterday... his sons ,coming together ,driving up from S.C. and Va. got here about 7pm yesterday... so it was a noisy ,wonderful evening ...... everyone went shopping for a while.. ... I got my desserts made and now will prepare myself to pack up cars and go to Karens house for our Christmas eve get together... some will go to early church.. but David is really wobbly on legs and did not want to attempt attending a new church..... my entire immediate family should be together . 4 children with spouses. . 9 grandkids with whoever has a spouse, plus the two Great-grandchildren .. how more blessed can I feel!.??.

          did have a wee bit of snow.. just enough to remind us it is winter.... and that is fine.. from here on in we GAIN a few more minutes of daylight.!!!!

          someone is wanting type. or paper .. better go

          MERRY CHRISTMAS dear Friends...