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Saturday ~ Christmas Eve Eve ~

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  • Saturday ~ Christmas Eve Eve ~

    Good Morning, Friends.

    Sassy, so good to see you here yesterday. Yes, that is my cat. He is looking at me right now, in fact.

    Sharon, hoping you are feeling better this morning. Such a bad time of the year to be under the weather.

    Rained ALL day - 5". We needed it, I guess, but I wish it would come in the warm weather and not wait until winter. Just hoping temps don't drop to freezing.
    Had cleaned up around the fireplace the day before, but now we have another fire going.

    Ended up having company for supper tomorrow, so I will get most of the meal lined up today. Church twice tomorrow doesn't leave a lot of time.

    Hope you each have a good day.

    Hugs ~

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    Good RAINY Morning! Yesterday it looked & felt like dusk ALL day. Blah!

    Yesterday may have looked like a good day to sleep, but I didn't have time. That light at the end of the tunnel is getting much brighter. I had people in & out all day picking up cookies. I had one call to see when she was to pick up her LL, and I didn't have her written down. I felt horrible. I must have not transferred her order from a slip of paper to the book.

    Cork & Blaise both got home early, so I sent them to go get the tree and have Corky take Blaise to Dollar Tree to do his little shopping. Cork was a very good "guider" and just let him pick whatever he wanted for everyone on his list. Oh well. Not going to worry about it. Cork finally got my wheat chex for me. Got the last 2 boxes on the shelf. Had him pick up a pizza at Little Caesars for dinner.

    In the meantime I got the last of the cookie people in & out for the day, ran to Aunt J's for some frozen peaches for pies, and dropped off more little cookie plates at the nail salon. Then home to start prepping for today. All pie crusts rolled out, made some fillings and got those pies ready to go in the oven, and FINALLY made the chex mix. In among all that I also had to pass along info about my SIL. She had two more episodes in the late morning. They ran more tests, one being a spinal tap. No visitors except my brother & their kids yesterday.

    This morning it's pie baking day. I have 11 pies to do. Once they are done & picked up, I'm DONE! At least I think I am. I'm spending the early afternoon making food to take to my brother & family for down at the hospital. He requested Orange Chicken. I game him his choice of whatever he wanted. I'll make rice & some kind of veggie to go with that too. Also making some sloppy joes & mac salad for tomorrow. We'll be leaving around 3:30 to go visit at the hospital. It'll be my Mom, brother Ray, and Kathy. She's been wanting to go down. Hope we get home by early evening so that I can get home to help decorate our tree. Shoot, it's only the 23rd. This tree is short & stout. Cute but short. Very full. I don't think it'll fall over this year. I can even put the angel on the top myself. LOL!

    Sharon...take it easy. I can't believe your daughter is being such a poop head after all you've done and the effort you guys have made to get down there. Turd!

    Have a good one all!


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      Donna, your post yesterday about gifts for the teacher and the bus driver had a great ripple effect. I saw Spencer was at the boys' school for a dance program and asked him what they did for the teachers and driver. he had not thoughtof the driver and so he said he would get a card and a gift card. He texted me later that when he gave it to the driver when the boys came home the guy was so surprised and he could tell it was not the norm to get anything. Thank you for mentioning it to all of us!! This driver last year had told Spencer he was doing a good job with the boys and Boone told him all they od is say Thank you and Good morning...little things!

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    Good morning everyone...

    Another day of rain again....And that wind...It is not good hair day....
    Ladybug....AWWW..Thank-you..That is my cat

    I am glad it will be nice on Christmas eve..Calm weather...
    And everyone be safe on the road...


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      Today is my Christmas..I have been up since 5 looking forward to spending the whole day with family!!! Mom isn't feeling great though..

      Yesterday was pretty good..except work and I am just not thinking about it for the next few days...I don't have to be back there until Wednesday.

      I will be going back to Illinois with my parents...they will bring me home on Christmas day..tomarrow I get to see my bestie!!


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        Good morning everyone.

        Got some "white stuff" floating in the air. The roofs are turning white for some reason. Have water standing in spots in the yard, so must have gotten rain overnight.

        Everyone have a good day. Will run over to yesterday's post to check on Sharon.


        Cowboy Joe was telling his fellow cowboys back on the ranch about his first visit to a big-city church.
        "When I got there, they had me park my old truck in the corral," Joe began.
        "You mean the parking lot," interrupted Charlie, a more worldly fellow.

        "I walked up the trail to the door," Joe continued.
        "The sidewalk to the door," Charlie corrected him.

        "Inside the door, I was met by this dude," Joe went on.
        "That would be the usher," Charlie explained.

        "Well, the usher led me down the chute," Joe said.
        "You mean the aisle," Charlie said.

        "Then, he led me to a stall and told me to sit there," Joe continued.
        "Pew," Charlie retorted.
        "Yeah," recalled Joe. "That's what that pretty lady said when I sat down beside her."

        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good morning.
          It will be 69į today, but the temps will be in the 70ís tomorrow through next week...the hottest day is Christmas at 77į (probably due to all the cooking going on). 😄

          Nothing much going on here. Just another day for us. E needs to run to the store for cereal and a couple more things.
          Exciting, huh? 😉. But still have lots to keep me busy at home.
          Paula, those goof magazines, of which I have more than 2 shelves full (and still coming) canít go with me to a Senior Living place when we leave here. But am glad that my girls seem to enjoy them, and theyíre sharing with their girls as well.

          Am glad for the nicer weather ahead. I donít like cold weather, except sweaters are so much softer than shirts.

          Hope youíre all enjoying this holiday weekend. 🌲 🎅 🎁
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Morning...running late this morning. Seems we only need one person to get up early and gather gifts going today and make potato salad and put the italian beef in the crock pot to warm for this evening. And to start a load of laundry to keep it from laying around and load the car. Sure am happy that the others in this house get to sleep in and be rested to celebrate while the other one of us will need a nap in the car. But such is the way it is on holidays.

            Jostoy it snowed here last night too! Nothing flying around this morning and it seems to be melting off the streets and sidewalks but the roofs, trees and shurbs are covered in it and I have to admit are very pretty. Sierra said she was in before midnight and it was raining and I was up at 5 and ground was white. Since we are starting our holiday celebrating today I will call this our white Christmas and will give it today to melt and be done for the winter! Highways should just be wet for us to travel today.

            So people are moving and I will edge closer to the door. Have a great day all....


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              Yay! I am here at the desktop and able to post and see what I am typing.

              Yesterday my MD grandson's 5th grade had a dance gala. They had been taught over a couple of weeks by a ballroom dance expert and Spencer videoed it. Boone was really good. He is probably the tallest in the 5th grade, but did not seem self conscious at all. They did the Charleston, waltz and cha cha.
              At their school the parents are asked at the beginning of the year to donate to a teacher gift fund that provides gift baskets for a few holidays. I guess that keeps things equal and kosher...Donna posting about her gift for the bus driver was wonderful because the boys' driver had really complimented Spencer last year on their behavior. (Common courtesy must not be very common.) Spencer said the driver seemed very surprised and happy to receive a card (with a gift card inside) when he met the boys at the bus stop.

              I am so excited for Becky's trip to visit them. It just isn't feasible for both of us to be gone at the same time right now. Boarding the dogs is so expensive and I am not comfortable having anyone come in and out (and not let the dogs get loose...) I need to work on it, because it would make it much better for me.

              Today we are going to Redding and just shopping for shoes...and makeup and maybe whatever catches my eye before I decide the crowds are too much. It isn't the crowds in the store, but the parking lots. I have tried a few times to find a place to park in the World Market lot and had to leave. Macy's will be packed but we need to go there, so think of me getting that real Christmas shopping experience today!
              Weather is cold but clear and that is what matters.

              Sassygirl, so happy to read your posts two days in a row! We have been adopted by a new cat who finds all sorts of places to sleep and hide. ONe day I went to get a drink at the kitchen sink and looked up and she was in my garden window! Which is decorated and I am shocked she could wind her way up there. OUr other cat is not happy with her but so far, we have been able to keep them from getting into it.

              Donna, I have had people in the hospital at Christmas. You are wonderful for cooking for them. When our daughter was in the hospital (6 weeks) I remember so many people saying, If you need anything, let me know. Two friends would just show up with food for us. I learned such a great lesson form this. I had always said the same thing. From my own experience I learned I would not ask anyone and that I should not wait to be asked. You are a great example!
              (Plus, you just gave me two good ideas for dinner.)

              Sharon, not sure what is going on with your daughter, but I hope she comes to her senses and has a change of heart. I have always admired what a good grandmother you are. and Donna, and Maxie! Prayers for you to get better and feel the comfort you deserve. Thank Heaven for great husbands! The ones I read about here just seem like such good guys!

              Have a great day!
              Elaine, our friends call this day Christmas Adam, because Adam came before age humor, but I always think about it


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                Paula A..I been cute...They sure do..They like to find new hiding spot..How she do that..Is she super kitty..She had spring in her legs...You know they one smart kittys...

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              Cookie, those dinners sound so good! Rice made me think of Spanish rice, which E loves.

              In Texas, I had a friend who is British/Jewish/Polish. She didnít strictly follow her Jewish rules unless her parents were visiting. They were staunchly Orthodox. She also had to remind her kids of all the things they werenít supposed to eat then, and they groaned because it was their favorite foods; they had to act as if they never had them. But, when her parents left, she wanted her kids to experience both the Jewish and Christian ways.
              A bunch of us gals played Bunco at her house, and were surprised to find a small, stout tree decorated and all lit up. She said, ďItís *not* a Christmas tree, itís a Hanukkah Bush!Ē. We loved that!!!
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.