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Wednesday ~ 12/20 ~ Good Morning!

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  • Wednesday ~ 12/20 ~ Good Morning!

    Hi Everyone.

    Jo, I see you are here. Hope you are OK.

    Rained all day yesterday. Had to go to town in a downpour. At 2p it looked like Dusk. At least, it has warmed up a bit.

    Day 2 for chemo. Yesterday was rough. Hoping for better outcome today.

    Other than that, not much happening.

    Really want to make some sugar cookies. Guess I could make that happen LOL

    Have a good day, Everyone.

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    Good MORNING!!!

    Just a quick hello. I finally feel like myself. Saw my SIL last night. She was life flighted to Pgh where there are more Neuro doctors & more tests. She's in the Neuro ICU there. She looked like crap & felt that way too, but I saw her and that just made me feel soooooo much better. My brain has been in a fog & I've been twittering around.

    This morning Sue is coming and we are making up the rest of the trays and baking more lady locks. Also getting pie dough ready for Saturday's baking.

    Have a good one & please keep praying for her.....THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PRAYERS!!!!


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      Good morning.
      I think Im already cookied-out for the season. Two of the DDs brought trays of assorted homemade cookies, plus two packages of jumbo size muffins. (Nobody ate the muffins, so a couple of days E & I had one for breakfast. I ended up giving the rest on a tray to one of our neighbors. Plus one DD gave us a huge container of her cookies (plus Geridelli squares and Lindt balls) as a gift. The container was beautifully decorated and, opened, the presentation is beautiful! But how many dozen cookies can two people eat? I think theyll go into the freezer.

      My brother and his lady sent us a small pot of succulent plants, then yesterday a fruit basket was delivered from them. The fruit is healthier and most welcome. The plants wont grow outdoors here and I have no decent surface space to keep it on. Its sitting in the kitchen by the toaster for now.

      Im doing good, Elaine. Thanks for asking. The surgeon and his assistant both talked with me. No real exam, but their eagle-eye assessment showed no jaundice or anything to worry about. No symptoms indicating problems. Then the surgeon again explained what they saw, showed us pictures (which only doctors understand) and explained the stones were gone, but still can make a comeback later on, maybe in a decade or two. Then seemed to realize at my age..... so said, Well, we cant live forever, can we. This guy has absolutely no tact or bedside manner. But Im going by how I feel, and seem to have a bit more energy than before. The man doesnt bother me, in fact, though being Asian he had a very serious expression, but we found him funny with his blundering comments. Im sorry I didnt think of my own usual comeback to tell him. Im doomed to live forever! Mother Nature keeps trying to kick me out, but God keeps throwing me back. Neither wants me. 😁

      Poor E, tried to find a replacement musical dancing Snoopy Santa doll. They were all sold out! I gave mine to my GGD who fell in love with it. She played nicely with it, giggling a lot. Hugged it so lovingly. Layed it on the bed to nap with her blanket, and said Night, night, noop. How could I not give it to her to take home? The look of joy on her face was priceless when I put it in her little arms!!!

      So today E has PT......he goes 2x a week through the 1st week of January. Hes faithfully doing his exercises throughout the day, as instructed. He even did some in the waiting room at my doctors office. Hes disappointed that hes finding weaknesses in his hand, and I keep reminding him of his arm progress, and to trust that his hand will most likely catch up later.

      And not much else is going on here. I see some chores to catch up with while E is still sleeping.
      Hes been talking about movies we need to see. Im trying to sort things to get rid of.
      There are still some Senior Living apartments we out to visit.

      Hope youre all going to have a great day today! ☀️ (Sharing our sunshine here.)

      My thoughts remain with your SIL and family, Cookie.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good is the funeral for my friend. There was easily 500 plus people there last night. It took my friend and I 3 hours to get get through the line last night.

        After the funeral I am coming home to get some stuff done here at home.

        Tonight is our Christmas stuff with church...I am on clean up crew for that.


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          Good morning .

          David and Cat and Tv .. like huge alarm clocks .. wake up call at 5am... WHAT?! .. oh well, I got up ,,ate , drank coffee . stared at a book for awhile, made out a to-do list for today.. company arrival time getting here fast.. .went to work on kitchen drawers, cupboards. tossing stuff. wiping. making look nice. you know, have that organized look... my visiting DIL is a total "in Place" person.. first thing was , "clean the toaster".. and it needed it. .
          ..... the places that they do not have any business seeing , stays as is.. too cold to clean windows and such. (yea).. I do appreciate that DIL volunteers to help cook . clean up.. etc. so the incentive to make it clean, tidy is a Good-Thing..

          Hi JoG.... sounds like you are a dearly loved many bringing you goodies.
          like Donna, I have a lot of my brain cells on Sherry, Glad she is in the bigger hospital. and pray they find whatever is causing this..
          Elaine, thinking and praying for John. hope he gets to feeling better today.. .. I did not bake any cookies. the kids night here left me a container of decorated ones. that I will put out for my company to eat.. D. the diabetic don't need that sugar. and I,, who do not want to gain back any weight, ,, (my knees object to added pounds.loudly!).,,, but have fun..

          hello to all who come in today.. I will be back to read how your day is going ,,this evening ..


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            A sunny morning but wish we had some of that Texas rain...I am happy for the warm weather. Today is a whatever day. Yesterday I wiped down the floor trim and picked up the kitchen rugs to wash. Never did mop the cottage cheese but Sierra and her friend Caroline are baking tomorrow and I will mop after that. I should only have to do the cleanup since they are certainly old enough to bake and leave me alone.

            Andrew finished his shopping last night. He picked out a normal old sander for his dad but Uncle Scott got a super duper head light with red flashers for when he walked the dog at night. I am already laughing at seeing Scott put this light on his head! But I let the kid pick it out himself and he spent a lot of time going aisle to aisle. Boys and Home Depot! Boring!!!!

            Cookie sorry to hear about your sil being transferred. It is always best and praying she is better soon.

            Paula the elf ideas were fantastic. Tomorrow when Sierra picks up Caroline back home I will have her stop for balloons for elf. Yesterday Jon stuck him into a bag of m&ms I had stashed for the girls to bake with. Today I have several choices to make from what you sent. Friday will be our last day for the season and next year who knows? Sure am glad people are so creative!!

            Jo maybe it is still early in E's progress and he will get some strength back in his arm. Having a fruit basket sent would be a nice surprise.

            Want to run to Kohl;s this morning. i need to pick up something other than wardrobe selection has gotten very small and I live in sweats and flannel. I only have one shirt and I am getting sick of seeing it so can imagine what others are thinking since I only go to the same places with the same people. They are going to start making cracks and beleive me when I say this family will make cracks! I have a 10.00 birthday coupon!

            Well,need to get moving. I seem to start the day later and later then want to close it at the same time....right after supper cleanup! Take care everyone and Elaine sorry John's treatments are so hard on him and then you. Need to wrap Drew's gifts and then get something cooking...have a great day all!


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              Oh, good morning from the daycare room!
              Two kids here already. Today is the final day of Dad bringing the new girl at 6:30.

              Jo, I remember going to a doctor wiho did not have a good bedside manner, who I thought really doubted my carpal tunnel, but he quickly changed his tune and was saying, Oh, very, very bad for his accent. I kind of felt vindicated for all the remarks he had said before the examination about people trying to claim carpal tunnel disability. When he was finished I told him as sweetly as I could, I am self employed and do not have disability available . I just need surgery so I can continue to work.

              Elaine, I am hoping the chemo goes better today, too.

              Donna, Sherry will be in my prayers .
              When our daughter was in ICU with a head injury we felt the power of prayers from people all over! And she received the effect of those prayers.

              Maye, I am always trying to clear space in my kitchen. A friend told me she is throwing away 5 things a day ( or donating) from her kitchen drawers. I plan on using one of my days off to take things to donation places. I want to give to groups that give free of charge to those in need.

              Wiggly baby is here and I have to go.
              See you all later!