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Tuesday Morning ~ 12/19

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  • Tuesday Morning ~ 12/19

    Donna, I see you are around here somewhere. Took a chance and started this anyway. Hoping for good news about Sherry.

    I have hardly slept. We have this crazy live online thing near here. Folks selling jewelry. I never intend to buy a thing, but I just can't stop watching. Fascinating. They sell settings and then open "oysters" to reveal the pearl inside. Crazy. I'm crazy.

    Weather warming up. JoG, I see you were at 60 yesterday. Cold for you, isn't it?

    Paula, I laughed when you said there were always Christmas presents after Christmas when you found them. Very cute.

    Week of chemo ahead for us (3 shots, since they will be closed Friday). We need to get to the cemetery and dress graves, but will have to see how John feels.

    Have a good day, Everyone.

    Remember the reason for the season and slow down. Hugs ~ ~ ~~

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    Good Morning! It's kind of warm out there....considering everything I guess. Too warm for me to put stuff out on my lil porch....dang!

    Yesterday wasn't so good. I started my day out going to Aldi's and stocked up. I had 3 $5 off coupons and the girl was kind enough to split my order up so I could use all 3 coupons. She wasn't suppose to, but I'm there so often that she did. Things went downhill fast once I got home. It took me hours before I got all the groceries unloaded & put away.

    Many, many texts & phone calls after that about my SIL and her condition. On top of all that, my sugar level kept dipping too low and I just couldn't get focused. My SIL had 3 small strokes in less than 24 hrs. Not good. Now the MRI and angioplasty showed no brain bleeding or heart damage. No clots. The small bleed from the night before got absorbed. That's good, but it didn't explain things. He ordered a spinal tap for the next time she has a mini stroke. He's leaning more towards internal shingles. They are following a vein(s) and spasming instead of a nerve(s) like normal. A virus. It may have all started because of her sinus infection. It's confusing. She also has to get her BP under control. More doctors. There was a ton of family there last evening when my brother Ray & I went in to visit. We never did get to see her. Had a big family prayer before most of us left around 8pm. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated too. The doctor said she could still have a big stroke. Scary.

    In the meantime, yesterday afternoon I had 5 different customers come & pick up cookies. Some I had never met before. I did get 2 kinds of cookies baked eventually and iced a carrot cake for the doctor's office for today.

    Today I'm finally taking my Mom shopping. We were to do it last week, but it was snowy and neither of us was feeling great the day before. Becca will meet us for lunch. We'll go see my SIL while in town. At least that's the plan. She may not be available to visit or up for a visit from us. We'll see. All the kids came last night....Micah from Cleveland and he picked up Maddie who's studying for college finals. They were both going back last night to work & school.

    Have a good one all!

    PS: I'm always putting something in a "safe" place and then forgetting. It was AWFUL when Kathy was still living here and I'd hide my cash. It got to the point where I didn't know if I just couldn't find it or if she had stolen it again.
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      I will be praying for sherry and her doctors.

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    Good morning...I only got about 3 to 4 hours of solid sleep last night...betweeen not being able to get warm for some reason and cori playing in the bed and headboard...she finally settled and I fell to sleep and stayed asleep from 2-530..

    Work today..I am hoping its slow and easy...not sure after being off yesterday..everyone in production was off yesterday..They are work today-Saturday..I will work today and Thursday and Friday..

    My friends visitation is tonight and the funeral is tomarrow.

    I also volunteer today. The light in my day.

    My tshirt I am wearing today says it all...choose Joy

    Love you all


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      Good Morning, I have been a busy bee already this morning, if I am to be ambitious it is always mornings.

      Had the two ladies over yesterday that take care of our kitties and house when we are away, gifted them and made a goodie tray for them...had finger foods and talked, they spent the whole afternoon here until around 5:00 p.m.

      Today it is discussion with hubby on what we need to shop for to be prepared for the holidays in the food section....Christmas is at his Mom's on the 30th and his sister sent him a message on what to bring, finger foods, sandwiches, etc...but she made a point of telling him her daughter doesn't like shredded chicken sandwiches which is what I usually take because others like them a lot...BUT I told him to ask her what she WANTS us to bring...can you tell she really gets by blood boiling, she is so controlling and it has gotten worse now...

      Well hubby is up and talking be back later...
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        I have an Early child today, like 6:30 am early. So I am trying to write here before I have to go unlock the door and turn on lights. the mom has a training out of town and the dad will be bringing my new 2 year old...the mom asked if I could do this for these two days and did say or she would cancel her training and that was what made me think, Ok, this once I will. Just hearing her say she would cancel a work training (she is an insurance investigator) that she had signed up for before they came to my daycare was enough...and now, hopefully, they will be grateful...

        It was almost freezing last night and will only be int he 50's today! Heat keeps us all warm, though.

        New toys were given to me yesterday and they are awesome ones! My friend replaced all the batteries in them before she brought them over. One is a Big remote control Buzz Lightyear. Kids were happy all morning and the schedule went well.

        I amtoo nervous about being in the daycare when the dad gets here, so I will close.
        Donna, I will add Sherry to my prayers and ask some of my friends to pray for her as well.

        Elaine, even yesterday, I was thinking Where is that card I bought for Becky? I finally found life over the ages! Put it up and then Search for it and often, buy an replacement!


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          Good Tuesday morning, everyone.
          I’m up a bit late today, but I was up in the middle of the night again. Today’s plans: I have a followup checkup from last week’s surgery a bit later on today.

          Yes, Elaine, 60° is cold for me. Plus the mountains got some snow, I hear. Today, however, should get to 65°, and tomorrow 70°. Then Thursday the high temp is supposed to be 55°!!! That’s the report as it stands right now. I’m resolved to the fact that Mother Nature is really weird. What’s she thinking???

          So not too much happening around here. E is having problems with his hand. He’s doing pretty well with his exercises, making a bit of progress with his bad arm. He’s getting more and harder exercises to do. He also finds that his grip on things isn’t always reliable, as he drops and/or spills things easily. I told him to br patient with himself, that this won’t be overcome over night. But personally, I’m thinking he won’t be doing some “automatic” things any more without having to concentrate on it. They couldn’t quite get that rotor cuff back in place, which will make that difference. But he’s still doing a lot of things around here...,he’s just being more attentive while proving to himself he can do those things. But driving home yesterday, he had bought a paper travel cup of coffee, but had trouble lifting it from the cup holder between the seats. Usually his cup is the front one. I moved it to the back one so his hand was closer to it. He fumbled a few times, so I began lifting his cup, giving it to him, and then putting it back. Poor guy, he was so frustrated.

          Donna, your family are all in my thoughts today. Positive thoughts coming your way.

          Well, I need to close for now. Have a super duper day! ☀️
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning! Another gloomy day and still no rain to speak of. Very dry around here.

            Donna so sorry about your sil. Hope they find a cause soon...will keep your family in my prayers.

            Last nights Christmas program was very good. The beginner band was such a surprise! Andrew has a big class and the band was a nice size...almost double the size of the 6th grade group. Lots of talent in there and I have sat through some pretty stinky beginner band performances! Tonight the kid and I will go finish his Christmas shopping and grab a bite out. Hope he is in a good shopping mood!

            Wow Sharon, if your sil is so picky about the menu maybe she should provide the entire thing? Some gatherings just have the fun taken out of what if her daughter doesn't like chicken? One person out of how many should dictate every item on the menu? Does she use these tactics on your husband or just save them for you?

            Need to clean out the fridge and wipe down the drips...Jon dropped a container of cottage cheese yesterday so need to mop. Always laundry and should change my bed. Still running on half energy around here and hoping this isn't another phase of old age. You know if the good Lord would give me one day a month of the energy I had a few years ago I could still get a lot done around here. Or maybe I just need a hot 90 degree day with the sun on my of those a month would do wonders for my mental health...and my cold feet!


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              Here’s a picture of daughter #4 (wearing the black turtleneck shirt), her 4 daughters, her granddaughter, and me in my holiday Snoopy tee shirt. Four generations! GGD is interested in my shirt because she fell in love with my Snoopy Santa musical doll, which I gave her to take home. I wish we remembered to take pictures of the other kids families when they were there.
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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                No think your daughter looks like you

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              Good Morning, am back home, finished cookies while Ellen was at work and found I really need to pay attention when shopping. My plan was peanut butter cookies with the candy kisses on top but when I started unwrapping the kisses discovered that they were mint flavored, didn't think that they would go well with the peanut butter. Larry was looking forward to the peanut butter, chocolate combo, so I had a bag of mini chips and through them in.

              Elaine, I enjoyed baking with the kids, was somewhat worried because they both are easily bored and will stop listening but they both did fine.