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Windy damp but warmTuesday morning

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  • Windy damp but warmTuesday morning

    Good Morning, once again insomnia is my foe, holidays have a way of doing that to me, along with other matters I shall not mention..

    Going to dip buckeyes today, the little balls are in the freezer, so one dip to another, they shall get done.
    Also would like to get my 'wedding cake cookies' made today..

    Made hubby his favorite cheese spread, cream cheese, horseradish, dried beef, olives and parmesan cheese..wouldn't be Christmas without it..

    I still have shopping that needs done, just can't seem to get in the 'mood' or find what I want. Hubby and I both agreed, once there are no kids around to enjoy the holidays it sure changes your attitude...I know it is about the birth of Jesus, but it is so much more.

    Well time to go read the news, have a cup of coffee and get this day started...

    Thoughts and prayers with our lady Maxie today....she has spunk and those women do great...attitude is everything..

    Even though it is a warm 55 degrees this morning by evening it is supposed to be low 30's, and then they say winter weather and speak of snow flakes...some snow would sure make my attitude change for the better..Have a great day one and all.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    My appointment went a little better than I expected..I have to take another A1C med in the morning now...hoping this works...I got my new glasses I really like them...

    I had to deal with a migraine yesterday on top of everything..but I was able to get a shot and that helped...I am hoping that my peppermint oil will prevent a head ache today.

    I must sister may be coming early to trim my cats nails.


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      Good Morning.

      Wet and warm here, as well. But with so many leaves, it's hard to see the ground.

      John's bloodwork was good enough yesterday that no transfusion is needed this week. YaY!

      Have laundry in the machine, waiting for breakfast to begin and then will hit these pecans hard. We have about 6 bags ready to seal and then it's time to start cracking again.

      Have a good day, Everyone.


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        Good WET Morning! I guess all good things must come to an end....good bye sunshine.

        I haven't checked in for a couple of days I don't think....I could be wrong. I read every day though. Guess what I've been doing? YUP! Baking. There is a dim light at the end of the tunnel....I can see it!!!

        Yesterday Sue & I iced some of the sugar cookies. She was feeling like total crap and I really appreciated her coming out. She called her doctor for some meds for her sinus infection, and bed rest was prescribed, so she won't be here today as planned. Tomorrow she flies to MO to visit with her sisters. She NEEDS to feel better.

        Anyways, this goof ball took a couple more orders, but everything is under control. This morning I'm going to bake a few carrot cakes because I'm out of them and need them for this weekend. Got a pie in the oven now. Want to get the sugar cookies that we iced packaged. Plan on mixing up several kinds of cookies and hopefully get one or two kinds baked this evening. Really need to get the thumbprints done. Aunt J might come this afternoon to scoop grease balls.

        I never heard of the procedure that Maxie is having. Yes, I had my thyroid completely removed last November and feeling fine. It took a while for my singing voice to come back, but within 2 days I was back to my normal self....well, as normal as I get. LOL!

        Have a good one all!


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          Good morning! Yesterday was one for the books and I am hoping today is better! Three of the 6 kids were off the charts!!!

          We went out to a nice Mexican restaurant with my brother for dinner and tonight I think we will order pizza and eat here. I always go pick it up so it doesn't take so long.

          Jostoy, when Gary and I were at church (before I had to sit up front for the music) we decided to sit in the back row because it always seemed there was some child coughing out germs behind us! Even this Sunday, I Sunday school, the man sitting next to me was really coughing. I am doubling up on my probiotic right now. Hope you are over it soon!

          This year I have been buying things that most of them were not in any least not one near me. The oldest grandson in MD gets a Ravens hoodie, the middle boy gets a Chico State hoodie, and the youngest one gets more cars and gear to go with the birthday set Isent. I also ordered matching father and son ties for them for church. The WA oldest grandson wanted a windsock (!) so I found one on amazon (who knew all the things you can find?) and bought a pole and cords to go with it. My granddaughter sent me a couple of links and that makes it great.
          It is kind of tricky calling and telling them: the package to Stuart should be wrapped by someone else,etc...Some thngs did not have the option for gift wrap.

          I need to go and get things moving around here. Love to you all!
          Happy about John's bloodwork and totally agree, Sharon: Attitude is so big a part of recovery and just plain getting through!


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            Good morning, everyone.
            Well, it looks like we’ll have a very cloudy 69 day, for a couple of days, it’ll drop lower the 3rd day, and back the 4th day....before we get a few days back in the mid-70’s. The forecast can change overnight, or on a whim, whatever. Go figure.

            Today’s haircut day for us. I’ll be wearing one of my new sweaters. With our extreme hot season behind us, this is kind of cold to us.

            Elaine, Yay! For John!!! Am so glad to hear he’s doing good.

            Beth, hope your day goes well. Feel good.

            Sharon, snow is so beautiful! ❄️ I love to see a good pristine snowfall. Sometimes I miss that. We have had snow here a few times, but it’s gone by day’s end, of course. While your kids are grown up now, you still have grandkids who feel the “magic” in Christmas, right? Focus. Your attitude will adjust itself before the holiday, right?

            Maxie, she is quite a gal (as is jostoy). Hope she does good with that procedure.

            Paula, maybe you need a Santa’s Elf to keep an eye on the kids. Maybe Santa left instructions that hyper kids need to read and relax. 😉 I used to tell my kids that if they were too hyped up to behave, they definitely needed an extra nap or a quieter activity.

            Still baking, Cookie? Geez, you’re a glutton for punishment. 🙄. I bet your house smells wonderful!
            Actually, with our night temps now in the 30’ & 40’s, I’d do well to bake something so our house will feel cozier in the morning.

            Oh, E was disappointed at PT yesterday. It was way harder than usual to do those exercises (which he does 5x a day at home). The one where he is supposed to lift invisible boxes, I guess he stumbled. The therapist was surprised. I told him to tell the therapist that his invisible boxes were “heavier than usual.” But E was so disappointed. I told him it’ll get better in time, he won’t get overnight results. Just keep at it, and not worry so much. (Okay, we’ve been told he may or may not get back use of his arm. But not likely full use of it. They could not get the bone back into the socket. But he sees himself with full use again, I guess.)

            Dreary day ahead. I need my breakfast and my meds, and a shower.

            Have a great day! ☀️
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good morning all.

              ​Well the "croup" moved in over night. I got up at 2A. and started the Musinex. Also took a pain pill (aspirin). Think today will just be lounging in my jammies.

              Everyone have a good day, and hope Maxie has a quick healing time.

              What's the biggest gripe of retirees?

              ​There is not enough time to get everything done
              Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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                jostoy please do take good care of yourself we ain't no sping chickens anymore and it takes more out of us when we aren't feeling well...

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                Boff, I'm still in my jammies and intend to stay that way today. Trying to get all the rest I can get today as tomorrow I have to go to Vincennes.