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Friday , First day of December

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  • Friday , First day of December

    hi to you all..

    headed to Donna's, grease ball day... I ll be back later.
    have a roll and coffee... and post to your hearts content.

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    Good Morning, it is trash day around here so I had it all rounded up and ready for hubby when he got out of bed...all boxes and 'stuff' put away, decorating all finished, just a few more loads of laundry, run the sweeper and jostoy said, remove the covers from the furniture, LOL...

    Going to make a pot of beef stew today with some homemade rolls...sounds heart and soul of my favorite meals and I have all the veggies needed to make it.

    Can you believe all the sexual harassment cases coming to light, between that and all the priest that sexual abused young men just makes my stomach sick.

    Maye I have visions on a greaseball fight in my mind, Hope you and Donna get the world and family troubles talked out today, wish I could be there...

    Think I will talk hubby into fixing some breakfast this morning, he is actually a pretty good cook and doesn't mind being in the kitchen at all, thankful for that...he helps me so much now with holiday 'stuff'.

    Have a good day one and all, be kind to one another..Have I told you how much you all mean to me please those that haven't posted in awhile come out and just say hello at least, you are missed..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good morning everyone.

      ​Yes, Boff, I got all my "coverings" finished yesterday, and I managed to "stay up-right" on the stool this morning. So I guess I've accomplished some BIG hurdles today.

      ​Already have E's kitties food made. It is boiled hamburger and rice. Marshmellow is to be on a special diet for a while, and this a bland diet that I had to make for 1 of my poodles years ago.

      While cooking, I decided to make myself some chilli. So that is also done and waiting to be eaten for supper. Don't want to eat it for lunch as I have an appt. with my PCP this afternoon.

      Other than the above, I have no other plans for today except to sit down and enjoy my clean house.

      Everyone have a good day.


      1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Jostoy, we got our George because of this. BILS nephew had registered Shelties, his wife would sit in the door with a BB gun to keep males away but a little taco bell dog was fast enough and sneaky enough he got to both their females.

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      Oh, Good Morning! so glad it's Friday! A lighter childcare load today and that means our outdoor time I can do some things in the yard. When the baby is here I either am holding him or have him in the stroller and need to be with him all the time. so, hoping there is sunshine today. pretty sure there will be.

      A group of employees from our Dept. of Ed. decided to donate food to our shelter meals and now I have 7 banker's boxes of food in my daycare so I need to get it moved. Two women came at the end of daycare yesterday and delivered it and said it is 1/2 of what they are donating! I have two weeks to get this sorted and divided between me and the others I cook with...but two are out of town right now. Good problems to have!

      My timer for the boiled eggs is dinging.

      Keep those grease balls rolling! I wish we had a picture of all of them sitting out on the counter or whatever.
      Have a great day!


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        Heading out shortly for my MRI. Lack of sleep makes me feel under par today. I was still awake at 2, and awake again by 6. Itís been a week of this, and the sleep aids quit working a few days ago. Well, today is the last blasted pill that is causing it.
        Will be back later to read and post.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Morning!

          Yesterday was kind of productive, but it sure didn't seem like it. When you are making 20+ doz of each cookie, it just seems like forever. I did get 3 kinds baked off.

          Yes, this morning Aunt J came and scooped some grease balls & is gone already. We tried solving a few of the world's problems. Now she's going home for a quick nap before the next thing on her agenda. Me, I'm continuing to work on cookies. The pecan pie cookies got their finishing touch & bagged. Now onto baking the maple pecan & almond cream cookies. While they are baking, I hope to start working on the icings/fills for the last two mentioned plus the lemon delights & choc cherry pecans. My goal is to get all those done & packaged up today...we'll see. Big goal. Then tomorrow I can start mixing up & maybe baking a few smaller batches of cookies.

          By 1:30pm our new computer should be delivered by UPS. Also hoping a check that's coming by certified mail arrives today too. Make it worth my while staying at home all day. When I visited with Sharon a couple years ago, she showed me her HP all-in-one computer & told me how much she liked it, so that's the kind I ordered. Will get rid of almost all the cords....yea!!!! No more tower to kick & dust.

          Back to work......have a good one all!

          OK Maxie....I ask Aunt J & she didn't know....forgive my short memory....what kind of surgery are you having?


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            Is that a laptop?

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          Have to be fast this morning since the power will be shut off while the new ceiling fan is installed. Seems the old is spread all over because when he went to replace the bulb it blew up and never worked again. So it took a day to buy a new one! Like I said I do not ever know what goes on around here.

          Andrew got his shoes and has left boy sizes behind. Yikes! Then at the checkout line he found socks and why are socks so expensive? That little Nike swoosh is not golden but it is of great value to someone! Last summer he got 2 new pair of shoes for vacation and now I find out he took a brand new pair of Nikes to school for gym shoes. Holy cow! We left just a pair of shoes for his mother to supply for school and she used a brand new pair he could be wearing now? You know when they come home in the Spring they will be to small. My boys always got walmart shoes for gym or a washed pair of older shoes. Not brand new Nikes!! But guess I am bitching again. It is an art and I can apply it to anything!!

          Nothing on tap for today. I have told the people of this house that I will no longer be pulling their pants legs out or turning their shirts right side out. They come with one leg in and one leg out I will wash them that way and return them that way. Sierra's work pants were folded that way yesterday. and I did put her socks together but they are inside out. I no longer care about inconsiderate people. I do plan to finish the decorating today..maybe. Depends on how I feel. Already decided not to cook..Jon can do that after he hangs the fan and finally replaces the shade I have bought weeks ago in Andrew's room.

          It is a sunny morning and next week arctic cold is suppose to greet us. Been liking those 70s! I am also sickened by all this sexual harassment stuff. Give a man a bit of power and I would have thought it would have gone to his head but it appears to have gone other places. We have a pervert sex offender running this country who admits he can get away with anything because he all powerful....and totally disgusting to say the least. How do you pick and chose who is disgusting enough to be punished when it seems men in power think they are special. Perhaps now women can take over and put sense back into running this country.

          Jon wants to shut the power down to work in here and I need to shower. Another day around here but it is a Friday and I like kids tomorrow.


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            Good afternoon. Today is drearier than yesterday. And thatís pretty much how I feel today, too. After my MRI, I felt even worse. Could be just more of the effects of the antibiotic, but today was the last pill. I managed to take a short nap when I got home, and feel a bit better. So hopefully Iíll be able to sleep tonight, and start feeling better tomorrow.
            Iím taking the rest of the day off from everything.

            Maxie, Newsweek is saying that the man whoís running our country is showing signs of early stages of dementia. Maybe they will have to remove him soon?

            Hope Iíll be cheerier tomorrow.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.