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Small Business Saturday ~ 11/25

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  • Small Business Saturday ~ 11/25

    So today we are being encouraged to shop at small brick and mortar shops. Wow! They have everything covered. But no shopping for us. Today is stay at home and chill because yesterday we did go to Lowes. Not shopping for gifts, but for a wax ring in case of a problem with one of the toilets. BUT you could hardly wiggle in that place. They did have Poinsettias for $.99. I would have loved a carload of them, but don't want to have to babysit plants - ever.

    I know it's my age, but all of the flashing lights and over-size decorations just turned me off. I want simple, quiet things in my home. I HATE flashing anything. LOL

    maxie, I am so sorry about Sierra's friends. I'm afraid we are going to hear more and more of this kind of thing as the holidays get really geared up. Which city did this happen in? I have never figured out where you live.

    The TX Trouper who was shot in the back by some despicable felon has had me sick to my soul. Our nephew was head of the DPS in TX, and I don't know how he escaped injury during his years on the highways. We have another nephew in service and another in training. I don't understand how anyone would want to do this kind of work. Too many bad people with too many guns these days.

    Well, I'd better move away from this computer and get something significant done. I bought a new toilet bowl cleaner and can't wait to try it. I know. My life has dissolved into insignificance, but I am happy.

    God bless, Everyone.
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    Good we are heading to my sisters and Thanksgiving Dinner. Mommy Dearest has come running home after the accident and has totally monopolized Sierra. However what she is doing is sticking a stick into a wound and going to leave us with a mess. If she keeps Sierra emotional then she feels she is needed. God help me but she was the last thing we needed. So Sierra is not joining us today but will be spending the day with the mommy and tomorrow with the mommy since it is that sides Thanksgiving. I wish she would be here to go through the funeral but really just want mommy dearest to go home!

    Yesterday Jon was digging out chairs to load and brought up the tree. we could not get it to light in two sections and are just not in the mood for problems so he threw it out and bought a new one. I feel like we have this big beacon light in the living room...thank goodness it is not flashing. Perhaps it was too early to set up the tree...I dunno...just trying to be normal and it is hard.

    I just do not have anything much to say and instead of being a debbie downer will get ready to leave. Happy Saturday to you all.


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      Good morning...Heading to my sisters soon to help them get their house ready for Christmas...Mine will happen on Friday!

      I don't know what other types of trouble we will find


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        Good morning

        feeling much better now.. after sleeping , waking, sleeping some more,,, bite of breakfast and sleeping another hour... finally got awake at 9, showered and feel like I will survive..... was completely out of energy when I got home last night.. this getting old is not NICE... I love being with people, especially my family gatherings.. but last night at Donna's, I suddenly felt like a wilted flower.!.. was worth it tho.. 2 days of family and food.,laughter. smiles and hugs..
        so much nicer than crowded stores. and super busy roads.. today has no plans at all for leaving the house... good books to read, leftovers if I want them. no housework..
        Elaine, to quote you ... "too many Bad people with too many guns these days"... agree .. but don't blame any of it on the GUN,,, or on the people who own Guns.(Not that you did ). most of the BAD people with guns, stole them. .. lets lay some of the blame on the "entertainment" industry for the movies and tv shows ..
        where the bad guys get to play the lead parts..where killing is not shown as the tragedy it really is.. the killing of the Trooper is so sad... We too had a local policeman .. young man who the community loved.. killed last week. they had a steady news coverage of his family ,the funeral. the memorial speeches.. so sad... ( they know who the shooter is,have him in jail)...Ps. I don't like flashing lights either.

        Maxie, yes, Mommie will keep stirring Sierras emotions ..and then leave .
        Hi Bethina, Paula and all the Gang


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          Good SUNNY Morning! 3 days in a row....awesome!


          Yesterday was a busy, but good day. Becca had come home the night before after her shift ended at 11pm. I had her around to help some, which was nice. We had our gang plus Aunt J, Uncle D, and Aunt P. We ate, talked, played cards, and ate some more. It was leftover night plus I had baked 2 other pies yesterday. I don't bake all the pies for Thanksgiving day because everyone is so full. We had a wonderful time. Sent home food with the "kids" and pie with most of them. After they all left, I plopped down and fell asleep for a bit in the recliner. My stomach was aching.

          Got to sleep in this morning. Woke to a phn call from Kathy. Of course she has drama. She's coming to pick up her vehicle that's been at the garage getting repaired since early July. She was supposedly selling it to Gary, but never got the title to him, and now that it's repaired, we are just paying the bill and she's getting it back. She wanted our Fusion in the worst way, but she can't afford it. Actually she can't afford anything. She frustrates us to no end.

          Anyways, getting the house put back together and then going to call several customers to make sure they didn't want to order cookies since today is my final day of taking orders. Blaise wants a friend over, but still hasn't picked up his room.

          Have a good one all!
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            Good morning, all. Sorry for the prolonged absence. I've been having a lot of back problems but finally the Spine Dr, did 2 procedures that are helping immensely.
            California has decided that it isn't time yet for cold weather so temps have stayed in the 70s for the last several days. Not a sign of frost yet. Very abnormal.

            We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Long trip away, almost a mile. I think there were 12 people total. Far less than usual. My youngest came from Santa Cruz but her hubbie had to work. My sister's son and his girls couldn't make it from AZ which the usually do. Sorry about that because his eldest daughter, a newly wed, will be joining her husband in Hawaii at his new station and they will probably be there several years.

            We had copious amounts of food as usual. Everyone brought something. I took pecan pie and dinner rolls. My sis did the turkey, potatoes, gravy, (plain and giblet). It was a great feast. No quarrels in our family on holidays, thank heaven.

            Have a wonderful; rest of the week.


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              Good morning from Northern Barb said it has been nice and warm during the afternoon. We are supposed to get rain again tomorrow.
              Lots of fall color on my street and around town. This is what I think of as Thanksgiving weather and color.

              Yesterday Becky and I got pedicures and today I am taking my mom for one. We all prefer the owner so I am spacing out our appointments in the interest of time (mine).

              I started putting out decorations yesterday, the new gingerbread house I bought and a few pictures. Our tree is brand new and still in the box in the shed.
              Stuart and his family went to a tree farm yesterday and cut down a nice tree. If I had a slightly bigger house I would have a small live tree, too.

              Elaine and Maye, that is so awful about those killings.. It just seems so tragic when someone who is there to help us is killed. We had a Red Bluff officer gunned down as he filled his patrol unit with gas and even though it was some years ago, that anniversary is always mentioned here and remembered. Senseless killing...

              I have to ask myself, then what can I do to help raise this world I live in? I don't have a good answer, but thinking of all the really good people out there (and I count you all in that group) who try to make a difference brings some comfort. Prayers for the survivors.

              We have a town Christmas parade today at 5:30 and then friends coming back to our house for dinner. I am using turkey to make a Chinese chicken salad, more rolls and a chocolate pie I held back for today...I am not thrilled with the menu, but just wasn't up for a major cooking day so soon.

              My nephew is visiting his parents in MN and said he could get me a great deal on a jacket for Stuart with his company discount and Black Friday. So I am done...Have I already said that? I thought I was and then realized I had sent birthday gifts to my boys but not bought Christmas gifts...
              And Joe, a grandson in MD, has a birthday this week and I sent his birthday gift, but not his Christmas gift.

              I have easy errands today: post office for boxes, mom's pedicure, and putting up more rush, though.
              I hope you all have a good day, enjoy the leftovers and the recliners.
              Maxie, big hugs to you as you comfort Sierra and power through the Mommy visit. You can do it!


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                Good late-morning, everyone.
                I managed to get maybe 4 hrs sleep last night. 2hrs each with 2 hours of awareness between them. This antibiotic is interfering with my life. Iím kinda light-headed this morning, so must be careful walking.

                The holiday season is a lot of madness, isnít it! The craziness slows down a bit as we get closer to Christmas, then repeats for the New Years festivity. Iím not really much into the spirit of things, am I. Hope that changes in the course of things. Iím just hoping that E gets all this leftover ham eaten (Iím not a ham fan), and then I can cook the Christmas/New Yearís turkey.

                We must have a new newspaper delivery person. Weíve received 3 extra daysí papers. Thatíll make our recycle bin heavier to take out.

                Iíve heard from most of the kids this holiday. That was so nice, since we couldnít get together.
                Time to get the December birthday cards ready, then address the Christmas cards. I ordered extra checks, because weíll need them. Family has grown. One DD is concerned about a daughterís disregard for her family check, and asked me to send her the check instead so she can buy them gifts instead. Her Ddís SO found access to marijuana if not other drugs online...problem there. So sheíll take care of that for me. The SO is a bit short on good brain cells (weíve met him), and frankly, I hope he gets caught and taught a lesson. I hate that kind of drama. Enough about that.

                So, sunny and in the high 80ís today, Sunday and Monday are forecasted for the low 90ís, and then Tuesday plummets to 72į. Crazy weather. Mornings are chilly. E put on his jacket when he went out to pick up donuts today.

                Wishing you all a sane, and lovely day today. ☀️
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.