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Saturday, Nov 18

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  • Saturday, Nov 18

    Good morning, dear friends.
    It's supposed to be a nice, sunny day ahead out here.

    I did a bunch of yard work yesterday. Mostly, I put mulch around all of our trees. E put a big bag of mulch on a cart to make the job "easier", but I used a bucket to carry the mulch around. No way can I push or pull the stupid cart over gravel and rocks on uneven ground! But it looks nice around the trees now. I had circled rocks around the trees last year.....have no idea who moved them away or why. Eventually I want to put them back! But I found them scattered all over the property and even in my berm.

    Started the laundry yesterday, then forgot about it completely. Have to redo it today.

    Does anyone watch Jeopardy? We love the show. They just finished the Jeopardy Champion Tournament yesterday. The Thursday and Friday shows were such fun. The 3 guys vying for the title were so funny and fun, as if no money was involved. They were so animated that even the host AlexTrebeck got a bit involved in it. We both greatly enjoy the show, but it reminds us how much "stuff" we have forgotten over the years, our unused brain cells are dormant or something.

    Well, not much else happening here.
    Have a great day! ☀️
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good Morning....if you say so. It is DUMPING buckets of rain out there. The fields are standing in water.

    Yesterday was good. I was a bit sluggish in the morning, but I took a nap after lunch and felt so much better. We accomplished a lot in the morning. Made 14 pumpkin rolls and put the finishing touches on a couple kinds of cookies, and baked 2 kinds. 1 was a bomb though. Made fish for dinner. Cork still thanked me, but he's not thrilled with it at all. Can't have chicken every single bloomin' day.

    Spent the evening making 8 pies....choc PB and Samoa. Also ask my niece Maddie if she'd like to come bake some day. She immediately said yes. Come to find out that they weren't coming home from college until this morning instead of last night. She wanted to bake today. I told her she better clear it with her Mom incase there was plans already made for her. Well I did text my SIL and ask if Maddie could come out & play today. She eventually called. Maddie is coming for an hour. Then it's home to hit the books. How much baking can you do in an hour? I got Maddie in trouble with my brother. She'll get a lecture when she finally gets home. Makenzie is dropping her off on their way by coming home from college. I worry about Maddie's mental health.

    This morning I already had to go to the store & get some whole milk for the 2 coconut cream pies I'm making. Also making a pumpkin pie. Kathy is suppose to show up to swap cars. Her old vehicle is finally finished, and she's going to take it on a test drive. She still wants to buy our Fusion, but it's too expensive for her. I keep telling her she has to live within her means.

    I just feel like I already need to take a nap. This constant dreary weather in for the ducks only. It's like a dark cloud settles over your mind.

    ​Have a good one all!


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      Good Morning.

      Well, it is very windy here - 74 degrees. Everytime I sweep the porch or the garage, the leaves are waiting to mess it all up again. Hoping this wind will help me with my problem.

      Friend invited me to lunch and I am so looking forward to seeing here. Just the shot in the arm I need.

      Have a good day, Everyone.


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        Hi again.
        Cookie, maybe brighter light bulbs would clear up some of the dreariness feelings???
        Wish we could take your rain sometimes; what I wouldn’t give for a good downpour like that. I’d be glad to give up this eternal drought we have.

        Well, I was up at 4:30 this morning. Had my mocha, and discovered the blasted upgrade to my iPad and iPhone will not let me play scrabble or mahjong, and who knows what else! But my mini iPad isn’t getting these upgrades, so it’s my little salvation when I need to take a rest, and do some mindless activity instead of reading a book.
        Got half my laundry hanging or folded, plus a pan of brownies in the oven, by the time the sun peeked over the mountain.
        Now I’m having my Cheerios.

        E gets frustrated with his arm.....a lingering minor pain at night, and still limited use during the day. He’s anxious for the PT place to call him for exercise. I’m afraid that he’s going to be disappointed at how much movement he won’t gain back.
        Mostly I hope that pain won’t hang on for any long period of time. It keeps him awake most of the night, which is why I don’t pester him about sleeping in late. Oh well, we all have to take these things life throws at us just one step at a time. He will learn to cope.

        Elaine, I hope John’s doing better.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          We are having some type of a wind storm outside this morning...went to put out my scouting bag and just brought it back in in case this wind blew up some rain. The leaves are blowing like in that movie Tornado...I do not think I have seen leaves fly like that before and they are flying out of the yard which is making the show even more enjoyable! Very very warm this morning so am supposing something will be in.

          yesterday was pretty much a do nothing day. Maye told me not to run the vacuum so I heeded her advice and I said heck on the laundry so watched news and hallmark all afternoon. We did go out to eat and Andrew was an absolute doll..he went home early again because they have an aunt staying and she plays video games with him. Next week he has a full day of school Monday and early dismissal on Tuesday then off for Thanksgiving break. A break is a good thing. I know he will not be here on Thanksgiving Day but I am hoping he will join us Saturday for the big family dinner. Have no idea what Sierra's holiday plans are. She did tell me yesterday that when mommy dearest comes home in December she wants a day reserved so she can spend it with the boyfriend and Sierra. She likes him now and you and dad hate him. Really nice! Mommy moves hundreds and hundreds and hundreds miles away because the situation is more than she can handle...leaves the school bills, car repairs, aggravation, everything! to us then will waltz in and be mother of the freakin year while we are the jerks. So I guess I kinda rolled my eyes out loud and now she is mad at me. OMG! I could tell her things about her mother and I just hope I do control my mouth but sometimes I get so angry and the older I get the less filter I have. Mommy texted and wanted to know what to get Sierra for Christmas and the list she sent was ridiculous...a draw string bag with her name on it? The girl is 21!! Give me a break!!

          Well, I have slept in again today and must do something about the house. I think Sierra is off today but not sure and tomorrow she wants to go to the mall. She is almost done with her shopping she says. rain is starting up and wind died down so hope I will still get my bag picked up. Elaine sounds like we are having the same weather system. Cookie I think they make bulbs for people who require more that I thought.


          • Paula A
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            Shaking my head on that drawstring bag!!!!
            Tell her to make it a Coach bag and just put her name on the To/ From tag!

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          I am a bit late here and in a hurry! Thanks for reminding me about the food bag, maxie. Some church group left bags the other day to be picked up today. Last year I forgot and then gave them money when I saw them collecting the bags. I was glad I caught them in time. Our Scouts do the food drive at some other time of the year. last Saturday was Fill the Boot for the fire department and good thing I had some cash on me. I was at a light and looked up and every corner and every light had a bunch of fire fighters with boots to collect money. There are two lights close together and I just pointed to the last light when I got stopped at the next. They are always so friendly and I hate going past with nothing...but I was on the way for doughnuts! and I had to keep a few dollars out.

          You all sound pretty busy with good things! Not vacuuming is a good thng, maxie! I am glad Maye said that.
          Jo, tell E it took me awhile to get my shoulder to where it didn't hurt at night and to be able to put enough pressure on it to do things. At night heat helped.

          Elaine, have fun with your friend today.
          Donna, Becky made two pumpkin rolls for the church Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I am making dressing, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole. I found arecipe that makes it a little better than just the soup, beans and onions. It adds bacon, and Monterey jack cheese and mushrooms, so I figured that is good to take. I am worried they didn't ask for enough food but we will see and Becky is making up the sign up sheet for the Christmas diner and she will know how much to ask for. When Gary was Bishop his thought was always for our family to go last and to sit with whomever was alone....our kids got used to eating ont he way home from a church dinner if there wasn't enough food brought and I got used to bringing more than I was asked to bring!

          I have a separate grocery list now just for baking supplies because they are a Priority!

          I just saw the time and I have an 8:30 appointment. Luckily, it isn't far at all, but I have to get going.
          Love you all and our time together!
          Have a great day!


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            good mid ,almost noon morning

            for someone who got up at 5.. I don't feel Like I have done much .... sonMark was here at 6. his usual routine on Sat and Sun... so chatted to him.. then coffee and a few chapters in new book.. its not catching my attention quite as fast as this authors other books..ummm?...

            Maxie,,you listened to my nag!... thank you.. the sweeper seems so easy to run but it puts your back into a slight twist and not good movement for a person with back problems!... I fined it even bothers my knees, so I limit sweeping to one area at a time.. living room is done. hall, bedrooms another day..
            ....btw, you can send me some of that warm weather.

            JoG. behave yourself and don't overdo with mulching and rock carrying .. can't afford to have Both of you down. .looking pretty outside won't do any good if you are both flat on your back!!!. ( I do feel like nagging today..Should call and nag Donna to behave. . ..)

            Yesterday got all the pie dough mixed up and in separate "balls",, ready to use next week.. cleaned up that mess.

            had a surprise and wonderful visit from Shawna and Baby Elsie last evening !.. 2 hours , got to cuddle her.. but she sure notices the difference when it is not Mommy holding her.. wiggles and squirms . I had her crib size Afghan finished and gave it to Shawna.. now to start on one for Logan..

            time to think of lunch

            Hi Elaine,, yes, nice to get out with the Girls... I enjoy "Grease ball making " at Donnas for the sheer company of female chatting ..

            supposed to rain most of the day. so ,if possible, we will stay home.. got books to read. afghan to start.. and a nap to take..

            Hi Paula


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              Good late morning.

              ​I was up by 6, had to go help E. get the kitties ready to go for their spay job. However, whoever E. talked to on the phone didn't put it in the computer. When E. rescheduled, I was at her house and heard her repeat the date. So it is now rescheduled for the 27th of this month.

              The wind is also blowing with 40 mph gusts. Coming from the South West right now, but is to switch to the NW by this afternoon. So Maxie, if you get entertainment from watching the leaves, stand by as they will blow from the opposite direction this afternoon. The temp is also to drop this afternoon with storms in our area.

              Hope all have a good rest of the day.

              I believe . . .

              that even when you think you
              have no more to give,
              when a friend cries out to you
              you will find the strength to help.

              Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


              • maxie
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                Temps have taken a nose dive and the wind is back up, rain drops are showing up in the windows. I was actually shocked at how warm it was this morning and that always means it will blow in something.. too bad it is cold and not sunshine! Now have to figure out where to take the scouting bag cuz I will for sure not set it out in this...

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              Maye, I only move the rocks that are 6” or less.
              I asked E to ask the neighbor boy to move the bigger rocks.
              I’ll spray paint the rocks white after they’re all in place. 😀
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.